Dear 911, I’m drunk & not feeling well — Christopher Frankenberry phones home

20-year-old Christopher Frankenberry called 911 just before 6 p.m. Thursday, and told the call taker he did not feel well and had been drinking MJ Whiskey. Police and Fire responded to the 7-Eleven where Frankenberry was located, and after he was cleared medically, officers took him into custody for public intoxication.

Norway tourist gets lost on toilet in East Nashville 7-eleven— Stian Kallekodd

26-year-old Stian Kallekodd was in an East Nashville 7-Eleven in the early hours of Thursday morning and refused to leave. Police arrived to find the man extremely intoxicated and reeking of alcohol. Store personnel told police Kallekodd had been asleep on the toilet in the men’s restroom for over two hours prior to their arrival. Officers offered to give Kallekodd a ride home, but he told them he lived in Norway. Not willing to make that drive, officers transported him to booking and charged him with public intoxication.

Dominick Hallums is fired in the AM; robs 7-Eleven of lottery scratch-offs in the PM

25-year-old Dominick Hallums was working at the 7-eleven on Smith Springs Road the morning of December 27th until he was fired. A few hours after his termination, he returned to the store at 5:45 p.m. without permission and walked behind the counter, and took $1,200 worth of Tennessee Lottery scratch-off ticket bundles. The manager was able to identify Hallums from a security video, and a felony burglary warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked this week on that outstanding warrant.

Derek Harrison arrested after locking himself in 7-Eleven bathroom

35-year-old Derek Harrison was jailed Saturday evening after causing a disturbance at the 7-Eleven on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Security initially detained him after he was drinking alcohol in front of the store and then locked himself inside of the restroom. Police arrived to take him into custody, charging him with public intoxication and criminal trespassing.

Van Darby Miller pepper sprayed at 7-Eleven after refusing to leave the property

Police say 24-year-old Van Darby Miller was trespassing at the 7-Eleven on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Sunday night and refused to leave. Both the security and an off-duty Millersville Police officer had asked him to leave the location, and eventually, Metro Nashville Police had to be called. Before their arrival, Miller was in an argument with the security guard, Isaac Thurman, who pepper-sprayed him.

Jahya Maxwell attempted to rob Rivergate 7-Eleven, ended up throwing donuts around the store

Police say 18-year-old Jahya Maxwell came to the 7-Eleven on Long Hollow Pike, where she is no longer employed, and attempted to get into the cash register. She pushed two current employees, Reade Herskovitz and Shellie Vickers, and assaulted him. When she was unable to get into the cash register, she threw a cup of water at Herskovitz and knocked over a chip rack. In a final act of frustration, Maxwell emptied the donuts from the donut case and threw them around the store.