Larry Mark deemed too drunk for Bridgestone Arena

32-year-old Larry Mark had an incident at the Bridgestone Arena in the early hours of February 9th. When officers arrived, medics advised them that Mark had come up to them, claiming he had been punched. When officers were trying to obtain information, they observed him to be visibly intoxicated and unable to take care of himself. So, medics tried contacting Mark’s friends to get him home. Then, Mark became aggressive with them, so officers intervened and tried to help him find a way home. However, Mark remained uncooperative, so he was deemed a danger to himself and others. Mark was taken into custody for public intoxication on February 9th.

DUI: Miranda Murray found overdosing on Fentanyl in car near Davidson County Clerk’s Office

35-year-old Miranda Beth Murray was inside her vehicle and passed out behind the wheel near the Davidson County Clerk’s office on President Ronald Reagan Way South around 3 p.m. on February 1st. Medics had Murray on the ground, performing CPR on her when officers arrived. While medics assisted her, security advised officers that Murray had been unresponsive for a few hours before they noticed her, and when they tried to wake her up, she was breathing abnormally, so they busted the windows, removed her from the vehicle, and began CPR.  Then, officers were informed that a dollar bill containing a white powdery substance and two straws with similar residue were found inside Murray’s car, the substance is believed to be Fentanyl. These items were in plain sight, giving officers probable cause for a search, which led to them locating a loaded Smith and Wesson handgun, an opioid rescue kit, a dose of Narcan, and a pill bottle for Penicillin that contained an orange pill. The pill was later identified as Suboxone. Murray was transported to the hospital while they collected the evidence and obtained a search warrant to get a sample of her blood for chemical testing. Murray was Mirandized, agreed to speak with officers, and admitted that the substance in the pill bottle was Suboxone. Murray was taken into custody for driving under the influence, possession of a handgun while under the influence, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and possession without a prescription.

Mason Marina breaks into roommate’s room to steal her food

25-year-old Mason Marina stole food from his neighboring roommate, Jessica Hopkins, at their shared residence on Broadway on the afternoon of January 23rd. When the officers arrived, Hopkins advised them she rents two rooms inside a residence that three other people share in addition to her. She explained that since she does not share her two rooms with anyone, she usually locks them before leaving. However, a previous incident that resulted in the door being removed from its hinges hindered her from securing it completely before going to work. So, she placed the door against the frame with a note stating not to enter before reiterating this to her roommates. Then, when she went to work, she checked her cameras, which showed Marina pushing the door away to enter her room. Marina then grabbed various food items and began eating them. Hopkins told officers that Marina was prohibited from being in the room or eating her food. She then explained how they had prior intimate relations. Officers identified Marina from previous incidents with his information attached to them. After reviewing the video, they requested a warrant for his arrest, and then Marina was taken into custody for burglary.

James Tweed Jr. drunkenly attempts to enter random apartment

63-year-old James Tweed Jr. tried to enter a random apartment at the Division Street apartments on January 31st. Officers spoke with the residents, who advised that they received an alert regarding a white male, later identified as Tweed Jr. wearing an orange hat and a red hoodie, pulling on the front door handle attempting to get in. When officers arrived, they did not locate him but were provided with a picture, which helped them find Tweed Jr. a few blocks away from the apartments. They conducted a Terry stop on him to get his information and realized he was visibly intoxicated. They asked if he had consumed any alcohol, to which he admitted to drinking two beers and stated he did not know why he was in the building when asked about the incident. Tweed Jr. was deemed a danger to himself and others due to his level of intoxication, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

DUI: Parker Bates drinks before attempting to pick up drunk friends

23-year-old Parker Bates was driving in the parking garage at the Music City Center on Representative John Lewis Way South to pick up two of her friends late January 26th. Officers noticed her two intoxicated friends waiting for her and directing her to their location. Bates arrived and stopped a few feet from the officers. When Bates exited her vehicle, officers quickly noticed she had the smell of alcohol on her person. Officers asked if Bates had drunk anything, which she denied. Bates then agreed to a quick breathalyzer test and failed. Officers asked her to perform additional sobriety tests, which she consented to and performed poorly. Officers advised Bates of implied consent and agreed to a full breath test where she blew a 0.113 BAC%. Bates was taken into custody and charged for driving under the influence.

DUI: Joseph Calica drives vehicle into light pole, denies he was driving multiple times

34-year-old Joseph Calica was jailed on January 5th after causing a crash on 8th Avenue South and Broadway. When officers arrived on the scene, the vehicle was wrecked into a light pole, with multiple occupants tending to a passenger who had injuries from the accident. While officers tried to identify the vehicle’s driver, the other occupants changed their stories, claiming a different person was driving the vehicle. After viewing video footage in the area, it was determined that Calica was the driver, although he continued to deny it. He had bloodshot, watery eyes, was unsteady on his feet, and smelled strongly of alcohol. Calica was asked multiple times to present a form of identification and fumbled around looking for it before stating that he didn’t have an ID on him. Officers discovered he did not have a driver’s license when they ran his name. The officers on the scene asked Calica to perform sobriety tests, but he refused and was read implied consent, to which he also refused. A warrant was obtained for a blood sample, and Calica was transported to booking.

DUI: 18-year-old Cecil Dodd drinks beer before driving wrong direction down one-way street

18-year-old Cecil Dodd was jailed on January 4th after police observed him driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street. Officers pulled him over on 4th Avenue and James Robertson Parkway and could smell alcohol coming from his person. Dodd admitted to drinking a beer earlier that day. Dodd and his passengers were removed from the vehicle and questioned separately. All occupants agreed that Dodd had alcohol in the car before picking up the passengers. During the vehicle search, officers located several beer containers and single shots of Fireball. Dodd performed poorly on sobriety tests, was taken into custody, and blew a .057% on a breathalyzer. He also admitted to having a vape in his pocket. Cecil Dodd was charged with consuming alcohol under 21, driving while intoxicated underage, possession of alcohol under 21, and tobacco violation.

DUI: Henery Sutterer found passed out in Toyota Prius after drinking Fireball

44-year-old Henery Sutterer was jailed on January 4th after reports of a man in the Nissan Stadium parking lot drinking Fireball in the driver’s seat of a Toyota Prius. When police arrived, Sutterer was passed out in the driver’s seat with Fireball containers on the ground outside the vehicle. When officers woke him up, he immediately reached to push the start button. The officers advised Sutterer not to start the car but to put the window down. He seemed confused, had bloodshot eyes, and smelled of alcohol. Sutterer denied drinking any alcohol until the officers told him about the reports by witnesses. He then admitted to having one shot of fireball. Sutterer was asked to complete sobriety tests, which he performed poorly, and was taken into custody and transported to booking.

DUI: Cordero Moree smokes marijuana before driving through red light

29-year-old Cordero Moree drove through a red light on December 21st as officers patrolled Representative John Lewis Way South and Lafayette Street. They observed this, initiated a traffic stop, approached the driver’s side door, and noticed Moree fumbling with his belongings. He responded slowly to officers, advising them he had no license, and initially provided an unverifiable name and date of birth. He admitted to smoking marijuana in the morning and told them he was a painter who paints indoors without filtration, explaining why there was paint on him. Moree consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was taken into custody for driving without a license and driving under the influence.

DUI: Jack Neuls found passed out in vehicle, asks officers for a “Semen Sample”

46-year-old Jack Neuls was slumped over and passed out in his vehicle in a lane of traffic near Russell Street and Interstate Drive around midnight on December 27th. Security from a nearby establishment informed them that he had been there for almost 20 minutes. Officers observed his car, causing traffic to back up, so they opened the door, turned the vehicle off, and woke Neuls up. He woke up visibly intoxicated with slurred speech as they questioned him about what he was doing. He admitted to drinking a lot, stepped out of the vehicle, and tried to go back into the car when they asked him for his license. He was stopped and told them where it would be. Officers found a bag of marijuana while they searched for it. Neuls consented to sobriety tests but had a hard time following the instructions, cursing at them as they asked if he understood the directions. Due to his aggression, the test was stopped, and he was detained. They asked him for a blood sample, and he replied by asking them for a “semen sample.” A subsequent search of his vehicle yielded an open beer can, and he was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, and possessing a controlled substance.