Christopher Manley gets into scuffle, tells police he was in skateboard accident

27-year-old Christopher Manley was involved in a scuffle on May 12th. When officers arrived, they noticed him lying face down while another man walked around him. While detained, Manley told officers his visible injuries came from a skateboarding accident. Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and appeared “extremely intoxicated.”

He declined medical attention several times and told them he had a room at the nearby hotel but could not produce proof. During a subsequent search, officers located 6.2 grams of marijuana on his person. Manley was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for simple possession and public intoxication.

Jeffrey Hurd tells officers to “f*ck off” after he’s found passed out drunk on Broadway

60-year-old Jeffrey Hurd was found lying on the ground unconscious in the area of 7th Avenue North and Broadway on April 10th. When officers spoke with Hurd, he slurred his words as he told them to “f*ck off.” Officers identified themselves as law enforcement, but Hurd was still being aggressive. Due to the level of Jeffrey Hurd’s intoxication and aggression, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.