DUI: Lathan Flores drives erratically after drinking “a glass and a half of wine”

21-year-old Lathan Flores was observed erratically pulling into the TA Travel Center parking lot in the early morning of May 7th. Security at the location advised officers that he approached Flores, where he exited his vehicle and was told to stay out of it while he called the police. When officers arrived, security pointed Flores out and told them he had seen open alcohol containers in his car.

Officers spoke with Flores, who smelled strongly of alcohol and showed signs of impairment as he admitted to drinking a “glass and a half of wine” after driving recklessly through the parking lot because he was upset about his relationship. Officers noticed a glass of wine in his center console and an open box of wine in the vehicle. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and, after being read implied consent, agreed to provide a blood sample.

Flores’ passenger was sober and told officers that he told him to bring the box of wine from the back of the vehicle to the front, during which he noticed it was not full. He stated that he did not witness him drink before driving. Flores was transported to Nashville General Hospital and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation.

Ashleigh Woods Wilson falls asleep driving with cup of wine in her hand

33-year-old Ashleigh Woods Wilson was sleeping in her vehicle in the middle of Murphy Rd. and West End Ave. on November 19th. Officers were dispatched to assist the Nashville Fire Department personnel and were advised Wilson had a cup of wine in her hand when they arrived. Wilson was visibly intoxicated as she told officers she had been drinking at a party before driving her vehicle. She refused to take sobriety tests but later provided a blood sample. Officers were notified of her previous driving under the influence charge in March 2015 and placed Wilson in custody for an open container violation and DUI-2nd offense.

DUI: Jared Lowe crashes into pole after leaving Scoreboard Bar & Grill

24-year-old Jared Lowe told police he consumed “three or four beers” at Scoreboard Bar & Grill late Friday night before driving off the roadway on McGavock Pike and knocking down a utility pole, leaving wires hanging across the roadway. Officers responded to the scene, where a witness stated Lowe tossed a bottle out of his window prior to their arrival. Officers retrieved the half-empty Miller Light bottle, and Lowe admitted it was his. He later blew a 0.115& BAC on a breathalyzer.