Billy Hardwick assaults wife at Scoreboard Bar and Grill on his birthday

51-year-old Billy Hardwick had a domestic incident with his wife, Melissa Hardwick, at Scoreboard Bar and Grill in downtown Nashville on January 28th. Mrs. Hardwick’s friend, Christy Hubbard, alerted the authorities, advising them that she, her fiancé, Melissa, and Billy, were in Nashville celebrating his birthday when he allegedly hit Melissa on the forehead, knocking her off her barstool. Then, Hubbard stated they had to put him in an Airbnb on Alameda Street, where officers were dispatched. Hubbard advised they separated him for the night due to his aggression and figured he would cool off while they continued enjoying their time. Mrs. Hardwick spoke with detectives, informing them that she was fine and Christy was just worried about her. Melissa told officers that they have been married for 18 years, and he tends to be an “asshole,” admitting that he bopped her on the head. She informed them that he does not talk much, and when she does or says things to “piss him off,” he gets angry. Mrs. Hardwick did not wish to prosecute for the incident, stating she wanted to let things go so they could return to Kentucky in the morning. Then, officers spoke with Hubbard’s fiancé, who said he did not witness the altercation at the Airbnb but claimed Mr. Hardwick was aggressive at the bar and that he got an Uber for him to leave and cool off. Hardwick was taken into custody for domestic assault.   

DUI: Jared Lowe crashes into pole after leaving Scoreboard Bar & Grill

24-year-old Jared Lowe told police he consumed “three or four beers” at Scoreboard Bar & Grill late Friday night before driving off the roadway on McGavock Pike and knocking down a utility pole, leaving wires hanging across the roadway. Officers responded to the scene, where a witness stated Lowe tossed a bottle out of his window prior to their arrival. Officers retrieved the half-empty Miller Light bottle, and Lowe admitted it was his. He later blew a 0.115& BAC on a breathalyzer.

Scoreboard Bar & Grill receives an 84 on health inspection — Music Valley

Health Inspectors found cooked chicken wings sitting at 50 degrees in a walk-in-cooler, and an employee admitted to adding wings cooked on the day of the inspection to the prior day’s pan of cooked wings and mixing them together. That was one of the many violations earning the Nashville favorite an 84 during their regular inspection Monday afternoon. Other violations included raw oysters stored in pans on the floor of the cooler, pans nested into each other without lids, raw fish stored uncovered, and the hand sink in the prep room wasn’t able to be accessed or used.

NY Tourist Robert Mason screams “This is America!” before assaulting MNPD Officers: pre-trial release

22-year-old Robert Mason, of New York, is charged with the assault of two Metro Nashville Police Officers, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and resisting arrest after employees flagged down police for assistance as he was being kicked out of Scoreboard Bar & Grill. Refusing to let officers call a friend to help him leave on his own, he clenched his fists, took a fighting stance, and screamed “THIS IS AMERICA!”. Officers tackled him as he began to resist arrest. He Grabbed Officer Joshua McGarvey’s ring finger while twisting and clenching it, which caused an injury to his finger and a hyperextended knee from the fight. He also caused scratch injuries to Officer Snyder from his fingernails.

Metro issues citations to Kid Rock’s Bar +13 other businesses for violating COVID-19 health orders

The Metro Nashville Health Department has cited Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk Bar and 13 additional businesses for being out of compliance with emergency Health Department Orders. Dr. Caldwell visited Kid Rock’s after receiving a complaint about the bar on Friday night. The citation was issued last night and a decision on the amount of the fine will be made during the court appearance.