Laziz Bazarov & his son kidnap his wife after catching her with another man

45-year-old Laziz Bazarov was involved in a domestic kidnapping incident with his son, Bekhruz Raimkulov, that originated at a Bell Road residence on April 19th. When officers located the Prius near Marker 55, they performed a felony takedown, ordering the two out of the car. Officers detained Raimkulov and spoke with him, who stated that he and his father caught his mother, Shaknoza Bazarova, cheating in the act with another man. Raimkulov also noted that Bazarov started fighting the man, in which Raimkulov only tried to break it up. Raimkulov and his father then grabbed his mother and forced her into the vehicle in which Raimkulov was driving, and his father held his mother in the backseat, choking her.

Earlier, When officers located the Prius, they spoke with Jeffrey Warden, a witness who claimed he was sitting in his car near a Bell Road residence when the incident occurred. Warden said he observed Bazarov banging on the vehicle’s windows next to him and proceeded to pull his wife, Shaknoza Bazarova, out of her car. Warden then claimed to have seen Bazarov punch Shaknoza and put a black handgun to her head, forcing her into the gray sedan that Bazarov’s co-defendant, Bekhruz Raimkulov, was driving. Warden then followed the vehicle until police arrived. Officers then spoke to Bazarov, who admitted to punching Shaknoza but would not give many details. Bazarov was taken into custody and charged with aggravated kidnapping.

DUI: Jonathan Yancey jailed after falling asleep behind the wheel at intersection 

25-year-old Jonathan Yancey was found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle while stopped in the middle of the roadway near Lebanon Pike and Donelson Pike just after 2 a.m. Saturday. NFD arrived and kept him warm in the back of the ambulance until police arrived. He admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the night, had slurred speech, and was visibly intoxicated. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for driving under the influence. He later clarified that he consumed one Bud Light Beer and one shot of Tequila prior to diving.

Ninfa Bulnes-Martinez punches daughter in face multiple times

36-year-old Ninfa Bulnes-Martinez was jailed on November 5th when she brutally assaulted her daughter at their home on Sugar Creek Circle. When the police arrived, they observed the minor with blood on her face, both arms, and her bed sheets. She told police that her mother was upset when she came home late that night. The minor explained to officers that her bed blocked the adjoining door inside her room and that her mother came through the adjacent door and pulled her hair from behind the bedpost while she was asleep. While her hair was being pulled, she was punched in the face multiple times. Blunez told police that her daughter doesn’t listen and admitted she punched her in the face while disciplining her.

Carmen Mccreedy beats her nephew bloody with a golf club in his bedroom

62-year-old Carmen Mccreedy was jailed early Friday morning after assaulting her nephew with a golf club on Lyncrest Drive. River Pollington was lying in bed watching YouTube videos on his phone when McCreedy came into his room and snatched his phone, saying, “I have to go to sleep!” According to Pollington, his aunt began swinging a golf club at him. He put her in a headlock to stop her from hitting him with the golf club. He then let her go and ran out of the room while she chased behind him, still swinging the golf club. He ended up running in a circle back to his room and tried shutting the door, but McCreedy lodged the door open with the end of the club. Pollington forced the door shut, snapping the gold club in half. The top part of the golf club was found on the bed. Blood covered the edge of the sheets inside the room. Pollington had a bloody injury to his left shin, and his skin was taken off his left forearm. Police observed the lock on the door frame to be damaged as a result of the golf club. Officers observed damage to the frame separating the hallway from the living room where Pollington fled from the swinging club.

Mccreedy stated that her nephew was playing loud music on his phone all night while she was trying to sleep and got tired of hearing it. She said not only did she go into her nephew’s room and take the phone, but she also threw it and broke it. Due to the severity of the injuries and the admission of throwing the phone, McCreedy was determined the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Dylan O’Connor charged with public intoxication after 4th of July celebration in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Dylan O’Connor was found drunkenly walking in the roadway at 5th & Broadway in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He was visibly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. Unable to care for himself or locate any friends to retrieve him, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Dorian Battle falls asleep behind the wheel in the middle of interstate traffic

23-year-old Dorian Battle says he had “two shots of tequila” and Luke’s bar in Nashville shortly before he was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle in an active lane of travel on Interstate 40E near exit 212 early Saturday morning. When officers attempted to wake Battle from his slumber, he drove away from the scene. Officers followed him until he stopped on Fessler’s Lane just before Elm Hill Pike. He performed poorly on some field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.095% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Jonathan Bird charged in late-night DUI after drinking in downtown Nashville

34-year-old Jonathan Bird and his friend were coming from drinking in downtown Nashville late Friday night when Bird, who was driving, crashed the vehicle near Fesslers Lane and Lebanon Pike. Officers believed him to be under the influence, and he agreed to participate in field sobriety tests. He performed poorly on every test, indicating signs of impairment. He later admitted to having “two strong Crown and Coke” drinks, along with a 24 oz Budweiser earlier on his way home from work.

Dakotah Hall charged with DUI after drinking at the Rusty Nail bar & crashing

30-year-old Dakotah Hall says he consumed two lemon drop shots and one ‘signature shot’ at The Rusty Nail bar late Friday night before rear-ending another vehicle on I-40 in the early hours of Saturday morning. Officers arrived to find heavy front-end damage to Hall’s vehicle and rear-end damage to the other vehicle. Hall, however, claimed he was the vehicle that was hit, which was determined to be a lie. He also complained multiple times that he had been waiting twenty minutes in his car for police to arrive. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests that he completed, which were only a few because he “felt too cold.” He was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Jeremy Barreto jailed after being drunk and disorderly at Opryland Hotel in Nashville

43-year-old Jeremy Barreto was arrested for fighting security after trying to force himself into a hotel room. On Mar 5th at Opryland Resort, Barreto was caught on surveillance cameras getting into a physical altercation with security after refusing to leave the hotel. Barreto was causing a disturbance in the hallway, trying to get to his wife and daughter, who were staying at the hotel. He had alcohol on his breath, red, watery eyes, and slurred speech. Barreto was booked for public intoxication due to the likelihood that his behavior would continue. Police were investigating a related domestic call when they encountered Barreto.

DUI: Alexis Radford drives wrong way on interstate

20-year-old Alexis Radford was stopped traveling in the wrong on I-40 East near Fesslers Lane in the early hours of Saturday morning. Officers conducted a DUI investigation due to Radford reeking of alcohol and being unsteady on her feet. She performed poorly on field sobriety test and was charged with DUI.