Jeremy Barreto jailed after being drunk and disorderly at Opryland Hotel in Nashville

43-year-old Jeremy Barreto was arrested for fighting security after trying to force himself into a hotel room. On Mar 5th at Opryland Resort, Barreto was caught on surveillance cameras getting into a physical altercation with security after refusing to leave the hotel. Barreto was causing a disturbance in the hallway, trying to get to his wife and daughter, who were staying at the hotel. He had alcohol on his breath, red, watery eyes, and slurred speech. Barreto was booked for public intoxication due to the likelihood that his behavior would continue. Police were investigating a related domestic call when they encountered Barreto.

DUI: Alexis Radford drives wrong way on interstate

20-year-old Alexis Radford was stopped traveling in the wrong on I-40 East near Fesslers Lane in the early hours of Saturday morning. Officers conducted a DUI investigation due to Radford reeking of alcohol and being unsteady on her feet. She performed poorly on field sobriety test and was charged with DUI.

Yarin Sanchez kicked out of AJ’s Good Time Bar after fighting with other patrons

Officers located 33-year-old Yarin Sanchez outside of AJ’s Good Time Bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night after bouncers removed her from the venue for fighting with other patrons. She was visibly intoxicated and causing a disturbance, and she also wanted to report her phone was stolen. After taking the stolen phone report, Yarin drunkenly attempted to re-enter the bar she had just been kicked out of. Officers gave her warnings to stay outside, but she refused and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Glen Orozco was ready to drunkenly fight officers in the middle of the road Friday night

Metro Nashville Police say 21-year-old Glen Orozco stood in the middle of the road at Fairview Drive & Revere Place late Friday night and refused to move out of the roadway. When officers approached him, he reportedly began to yell and was posturing aggressively as if ready to fight. He reeked of alcohol and was deemed a danger to himself in his current location and condition. Orozco was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Chaz Vaughn tossed from Texas Troubadour Theatre in Music Valley

22-year-old Chaz Vaughn was removed from the Texas Troubadour Theatre on Music Valley Drive Friday evening after he became very animated while yelling and screaming and causing a general disturbance to operations at the venue. Metro Nashville Police arrived and noticed he could not stand without assistance and had to be restrained to be medically evaluated by Nashville Fire Department medics and screamed uncontrollably inside the ambulance. Once he was medically cleared, Vaughn continued to be a nuisance to the public and was transported to booking, where he was charged with public intoxication.

Lauren Roberts jailed after assault of husband at Opryland Hotel in Nashville

36-year-old Lauren Roberts from North Carolina is charged with the domestic assault of her husband at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel after she grabbed him by the neck and scratched him as he attempted to catch her amid a drunken stumbling fall. She screamed out, “I don’t need your help!” Responding officers noticed the victim, Zachary Roberts, to be bleeding and have injuries to his neck. The two were drinking near the Cascades and had taken the elevator to the wrong floor in the search for their hotel room. Lauren refused to make any statements to officers and was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Dylan Ray to cop: “If I punched you in the gut would you take me to jail?” — smile for your mugshot

After Metro cleared a possible domestic disturbance as just a matter of record in the early hours of Sunday morning at a hotel on Music Valley Drive, one of the subjects of the call, 36-year-old Dylan Chase Ray, wasn’t happy that the call was ending peacefully and without anyone going to jail. He was intoxicated throughout the incident and continued to prod at officers and a security guard at the location. As they were attempting to wrap the call, Ray asked, “If I punched you in the gut, would you take me to jail?” and “If I got into it with this guy [security guard], would you take me to jail?”, and other similar and relentless questions pertaining to violent behavior. Officers were escorting him back into the hotel for the evening in hopes of closing the incident without an arrest, but Ray then continued in very loud protest of no one being arrested on the call. Eventually, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication after he refused to go inside for the evening.

Samuel Blackwell exits car & runs down interstate after 9 Jack & Cokes at comedy show

Metro Nashville Police say 32-year-old Samuel Blackwell drank approximately 9 Jack & Coke drinks at the Kelsey Dixon Comedy Night at Twin Kegs 2 late Thursday. After the show, he was traveling home on I-40 with his girlfriend, Brayden Ezell, driving. She says he became “irrationally upset” with her, and she stopped the vehicle in the middle of a lane of traffic on the interstate. Blackwell exited the vehicle and began running away from the vehicle, which is when officers arrived to find him running down a lane of travel in the direction of the next exit. Blackwell was detained and determined to be extremely intoxicated. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Music City Bar staff punch out unruly customer James Riter & drag him outside to wait for police

37-year-old James Riter was visiting the Music City Bar & Grill in the early hours of Friday morning when staff say he began harassing customers. As staff attempted to escort him off the property, he swung at staff members in an attempt to hit them. A staff member avoided his punch, and in return, punched Riter in the face and then drug him outside the bar, where police say they found him still “mostly unresponsive” upon their arrival. The bar staff didn’t wish to prosecute for the assault, feeling they had resolved the situation before officers arrived. Nashville Fire Medics began to evaluate Riter when he became belligerent and refused treatment. Metro Nashville Police charged him with public intoxication.

Tourist bites Nashville Police Officer & Medic — Jessica Russell free on Pre-Trial Release

33-year-old Jessica Rose Russell was found in downtown Nashville extremely intoxicated, unable to care for herself, and believing she was in Illinois. Medics were in the process of assisting her when she became combative, and officers arrived to assist. As they were attempting to get her onto the gurney, she attempted to free herself from the soft restraints they had placed on her and became more aggressive. She lunged at medics several times and eventually bit medic Alexander Martin, but did not break the skin. Then she latched her mouth onto Officer Timothy Lehnert, breaking the skiing and drawing blood. Both Russell and Officer Lehnert were treated at the hospital. Russell is now free on pre-trial release.