Carmen Mccreedy beats her nephew bloody with a golf club in his bedroom

62-year-old Carmen Mccreedy was jailed early Friday morning after assaulting her nephew with a golf club on Lyncrest Drive. River Pollington was lying in bed watching YouTube videos on his phone when McCreedy came into his room and snatched his phone, saying, “I have to go to sleep!” According to Pollington, his aunt began swinging a golf club at him. He put her in a headlock to stop her from hitting him with the golf club. He then let her go and ran out of the room while she chased behind him, still swinging the golf club. He ended up running in a circle back to his room and tried shutting the door, but McCreedy lodged the door open with the end of the club. Pollington forced the door shut, snapping the gold club in half. The top part of the golf club was found on the bed. Blood covered the edge of the sheets inside the room. Pollington had a bloody injury to his left shin, and his skin was taken off his left forearm. Police observed the lock on the door frame to be damaged as a result of the golf club. Officers observed damage to the frame separating the hallway from the living room where Pollington fled from the swinging club.

Mccreedy stated that her nephew was playing loud music on his phone all night while she was trying to sleep and got tired of hearing it. She said not only did she go into her nephew’s room and take the phone, but she also threw it and broke it. Due to the severity of the injuries and the admission of throwing the phone, McCreedy was determined the primary aggressor and taken into custody.