Mark Tucker threatens to kill brother, believes he was cut out of the family will

56-year-old Mark Tucker was taken into custody for harassment on June 10th. Michael Tucker, Mark’s brother, told officers that Mark had called and texted him, threatening to kill him, which Michael’s wife, Terry Tucker, witnessed. Michael stated that the issues between him and Mark stem from Mark’s belief that he had been cut out of the family will, which includes over $1 million worth of property. Officers reviewed the texts from Mark, which clearly stated he owns multiple guns and would kill Michael. Michael informed officers that he believed his brother’s threats to be legitimate, causing him to fear for his life. Mark Tucker was later detained for the occurrence.

DUI: Jodie Simpson crashes car on Lebanon Pike after snorting Xanax

45-year-old Jodie Simpson was involved in a car accident on Lebanon Pike late March 27th. When officers arrived, they observed Simpson in the passenger seat, where she advised that she was turning left when an oncoming car hit her vehicle. Officers noticed she showed signs consistent with being under the influence of an opiate. Simpson then stated she was prescribed Gabapentin and Metoprolol, adding that she had not taken any medication since yesterday afternoon. Simpson consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and agreed to provide a chemical sample after being informed about implied consent. Officers detained her and searched her car, during which they located a straw with a blue powdery substance in her purse. The blue powder found in the straw was consistent with her prescription of Alprazolam, a generic version of Xanax. Additionally, officers located her prescription Adderall and discovered that she was not taking the medications as prescribed after checking the date it was filled. Officers obtained a search warrant to obtain two vials of blood and transported her to Nashville General Hospital for the blood draw. Simpson was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.

DUI: Jonathan Yancey jailed after falling asleep behind the wheel at intersection 

25-year-old Jonathan Yancey was found asleep at the wheel of his vehicle while stopped in the middle of the roadway near Lebanon Pike and Donelson Pike just after 2 a.m. Saturday. NFD arrived and kept him warm in the back of the ambulance until police arrived. He admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the night, had slurred speech, and was visibly intoxicated. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for driving under the influence. He later clarified that he consumed one Bud Light Beer and one shot of Tequila prior to diving.

Jonathan Bird charged in late-night DUI after drinking in downtown Nashville

34-year-old Jonathan Bird and his friend were coming from drinking in downtown Nashville late Friday night when Bird, who was driving, crashed the vehicle near Fesslers Lane and Lebanon Pike. Officers believed him to be under the influence, and he agreed to participate in field sobriety tests. He performed poorly on every test, indicating signs of impairment. He later admitted to having “two strong Crown and Coke” drinks, along with a 24 oz Budweiser earlier on his way home from work.

Denise Carmona charged after breaking glass out of back door of ex-boyfriend’s home

Jonathon Allen says his ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Denise Carmona, came to his Lebanon Pike residence on June 9th and knocked on the door until his roommate, Harley Parker, answered. She was verbally aggressive with Harley so he called the door and contacted the police when she wouldn’t leave. As he was on the phone with 911, Carmona reportedly went to the back of the home and began to beat on the glass of the back door until it shattered, causing approximately $500 in damages. She was still at the property when officers arrived and they took her into custody for the vandalism and transported her to Metro General Hospital for treatment of her injured hands from the glass shards prior to booking her into jail.

DUI: Shamika Jones puffed, puffed, passed, and crashed.

When 39-year-old Shamika Jones crossed into oncoming traffic in an attempt to pass a car and had a head-on collision Wednesday afternoon on Lebanon Pike, she was still smoking a joint when officers arrived on the scene. She reported she had also smoked a bit earlier in the day, on her way to work. She said the last thing she remembered before the crash was leaving her workplace, the Whole Foods in downtown Nashville, and then being in a crash. Inside her car was 1.2 grams of marijuana and a SMC-380 pistol under the driver’s seat. She claimed to have a felony conviction out of California, but officers were unable to locate any such charge.

DUI Arrest: Charlene Nemecheck blows 0.158% BAC after Predators’ Win

27-year-old Charlene Nemecheck is charged with DUI (driving under the influence) after leaving a hockey game earlier this week. Police say she failed to maintain her lane of travel on Lebanon Pike and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She admitted to drinking prior to driving and blew almost double the legal limit on a breathalyzer.

Tabitha Kirk says she snorted heroin prior to crash on Lebanon Pike

First responders found 39-year-old Tabitha Kirk “not awake and shaking” after she crashed her vehicle on Lebanon Pike. Nashville Fire medics administered two doses of Narcan, at which time Kirk responded and became coherent. She told medical she had snorted heroin prior to the crash. When police arrived, she stated she was afraid of going to jail and wasn’t sure why she crashed or how it happened. She later stated she was seven months sober and didn’t know why she relapsed. She was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license.

Man charged in assault of girlfriend at their shared workplace — James Meadows

56-year-old James Meadows was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant, charging him with a domestic assault from November 30th. His lover and co-worker at Tiny Dog Pet Supply, Jamie Ellington, were arguing over cheating allegations while at the store, resulting in him Meadows shoving her. The victim says she fell and struck her head as a result of the shove, causing a laceration that required her to be transported for medical treatment. Meadows fled before officers arrived.

Girlfriend charged with domestic assault just an hour after Valentine’s day ends — Cheyenne Sosa

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Cheyenne Sosa became upset over text messages her boyfriend, Remington George Grigsby, received on his phone. Grigsby told police she shoved him as she attempted to take her phone. Cheyenne was charged with domestic assault, just one hour after Valentine’s day ended.