Meth, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana seized from Harding Place motel

Kevin Hunt, 36, answered the knock at the door, at which time officers got an overwhelming smell of marijuana emanating from the room. That would result in finding methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, & ecstasy, in the Wallace Road motel room.

Whitney Warren re: MNPD: “I made that officer do his job, I boxed his little ass” – and she did!

During the fight, Warren grabbed for Officer Gonzalez’s gun multiple times, and screamed: “Give me that gun, bitch!”

Oversleeping in hotel leads to 1 Pound of Meth & 14 grams of Heroin Seizure

Christopher Cabot Holley, 37, probably wishes he hadn’t overslept Monday morning. He staying at a Nashville Hotel by cleaning staff, as they were attempting to clean the room, as it was past check-out time. When the hotel staff entered the room, they initially thought the subject was unconscious as he was not responsive. After they contacted 911, units arrived and finally were able to wake him up. He spoke with officers, and told them his name was “Michael White”, however it would soon be determined that he was Christopher Cabot…

“Can I just give you who the real dealers are, I don’t even deal much” – Tony Tejada #Arrested

Late Monday night, Rene Antonio Tejada (“Tony”), was the driver of a 2004 Nissan Frontier parked at the Kangaroo Express on Haywood Lane. MNPD observed a male white open the passenger door of Tejada’s vehicle and make an exchange and then the passenger closed the door of the Frontier and got into the passenger side of another vehicle. Tejada¬† left the location immediately, while officers conducted a terry stop on the male white that was the other half of the transaction. This individual cooperated and told officers that he purchased…

Nashville heroin dealer busted, flips on those above and below her. Stephanie Morris #Arrested

Over the past few weeks, MNPD has been conducting undercover buys in order to work their way up to a local heroin dealer. Court records show just how easy people ‘flip’ on those above them, and admit to everything, when questioned by the police. On Monday one of the last outstanding warrants, for Stephanie Morris, was served in this investigation, so here’s how it all went down, and how it ended in an East Nashville drug bust – and who told what. In the end,¬†Stephanie Morris would admit that she…