Latina McClure punches police officer in face for arresting her brother

30-year-old Latina McClure and her brother, Gerald McClure, were escorted out of Rippy’s bar around 7 p.m. on June 9th. After being removed for their intoxication, Gerald approached a hotdog vendor and started yelling racial slurs at them. Officers attempted to calm him down, but he continued being disorderly, so they detained him, during which Latina started interfering. They directed her to step away, or she would go to jail, to which she responded by turning away from officers and then punching one in the face. Latina was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and the assault of an officer.

DUI: Marc D’Angelo jailed after car crash injures 4-year-old child

58-year-old Marc D’Angelo was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation on May 31st. Officers arrived and conducted a traffic crash investigation. During the investigation, officers discovered that D’Angelo collided with another vehicle that had a 4-year-old child in the passenger seat. The 4-year-old child was transported to Vanderbilt Pediatrics for treatment. When officers approached D’Angelo, they noticed he reeked of alcohol, showing signs of intoxication. D’Angelo advised officers that he had consumed beers and multiple medications earlier in the day. Officers then asked him to perform sobriety tests, to which he consented and performed poorly. After being informed of implied consent, D’Angelo declined to provide them with a chemical sample. D’Angelo was transported to Nashville General Hospital for a blood draw and was later detained for the occurrence on June 1st.

Myven Virden refuses to leave husband’s apartment because their child was sick

26-year-old Myven Virden was involved in a domestic incident with her husband, Thomas Virden, at his Arbors of Brentwood Apartment on May 24th. When officers arrived, they observed Myven with her foot in the door, not allowing Thomas to close it. When officers made contact with Myven, she told them that she was trying to get her daughter, who was sick. Thomas informed law enforcement that his and Myven’s parenting plan entailed that today was his day with their daughter and that he had already contacted a doctor. Thomas also told officers that this was the third time Myven had been at his apartment since the previous night. Officers later confirmed that on May 23rd, at around 9 p.m., Myven was told by law enforcement to leave and not return. Myven Virden proceeded to tell officers that she was not leaving without their child, so she was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing. The couple has a history of altercations including a domestic assault incident in November 2023.

Christopher Manley gets into scuffle, tells police he was in skateboard accident

27-year-old Christopher Manley was involved in a scuffle on May 12th. When officers arrived, they noticed him lying face down while another man walked around him. While detained, Manley told officers his visible injuries came from a skateboarding accident. Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and appeared “extremely intoxicated.”

He declined medical attention several times and told them he had a room at the nearby hotel but could not produce proof. During a subsequent search, officers located 6.2 grams of marijuana on his person. Manley was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody for simple possession and public intoxication.

Derrick Grace charged with pepper-spraying another man on Church Street

38-year-old Derrick Grace reportedly pepper sprayed another man outside of the post office on Church St. on August 30th. The other man, Quintin, told police he recognized Derrick from the gym, and he approached him to speak to him. After they spoke, Quintin said that Derrick got into his vehicle and reversed back to him. He said that Derrick called him back over, and he leaned on Derrick’s car. That is when Derrick pepper sprayed him, despite him dodging. Derrick told police that Quintin said, “He had that good on him,” then raised his eyebrows. When he acted like he did not hear him, he got into his vehicle, drove back over to Quintin, and rolled down his passenger vehicle. Derrick told police there were no threats and only wanted to speak with him. After talking, he said that is when he pepper sprayed Quintin and called the police. Quintin told police he wished to prosecute, and that is when Derrick was cited for assault. He was later booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Keniya Green charged with assault after fighting in front of officers

19-year-old Keniya Green was in an altercation with Sammeca Hall on Edgehill Ave Friday night, along with other individuals. While officers were investigating the incident, she aggressively approached the victim again and had to be separated by officers. She became even more aggressive and assumed a fighting stance attempting to escalate the situation. She was taken into custody for assault after placing the victim in fear of bodily injury. 

Bryan Essex shoves girlfriend to the ground; hides from police in bushes

32-year-old Bryan Essex was with his girlfriend at Losers Bar on Division Street on May 27 in Nashville. As they left for the evening, Bryan reportedly got into an argument with an unknown man on the sidewalk outside the bar. His girlfriend attempted to de-escalate the situation and intervene, but Bryan reportedly shoved her to the ground, where she landed on her back. When she got up and attempted to calm him down a second time, he grabbed her by the neck and threatened to fight everyone who was watching. As people began to call 911, Bryan hid in some nearby brush on the ground, which is where police located him.

Connor Hart says he smoked marijuana before getting half-naked in elevator, destroying lobby

23-year-old Connor Hart was booked Wednesday after trying to fight people and damaging property in the lobby of Kenect Nashville apartments. There were three emergency calls made in reference to Hart’s behavior. When police arrived, they saw damage to the lobby of the building. The victims did not wish to press charges but directed police to Hart, who was lying in the elevator shirtless, smelling of alcohol, and having large pupils. Officers asked him what he had taken, and he admitted to smoking weed with his friends. Police helped Mr. Hart up, and he was unsteady on his feet. He refused medical treatment and was taken into custody.

Ryan Price jailed after becoming drunk and disorderly and Play Dance Bar in Nashville

23-year-old Ryan Price was handcuffed by security at Play Dance Bar on Church Street in Nashville after he jumped over a brick wall outside the venue and became aggressive toward them. He had just been removed from the bar due to his level of intoxication and behavior. Metro Nashville Police arrived and offered him an ambulance, which he refused. He stated he would just walk home, which officers wouldn’t allow. His uncle attempted to assist him with a ride home, but he became even more belligerent. Price was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Alycia Ackerman charged in late-night DUI after crash in Midtown

27-year-old Alycia Ackerman rear-ended another car at 18th & Charlotte in the early hours of Friday morning after leaving her friend’s house. As officers arrived, she attempted to walk away from them and was unsteady on her feet. She had trouble following directions to produce her identification and scattered all of her belongings on the ground. She was swaying during their interaction and smelled of “an excessive amount of perfume,” according to officers on the scene. She was cleared by medics and refused all testing. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.