Tristan Rowell pushes MNPD officer in chest at Kid Rock’s Bar — $250 bond

28-year-old Tristan Nicole Rowell approached Metro Nashville Police Officers who were assisting another citizen with a minor facial injury at Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning. She was shouting at officers and causing a disturbance to the general public and other patrons. She was extremely intoxicated, and when officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, she continued to scream at them, then used her hands to push Officer Yore in the chest.

Delta-8: Turner ‘Trey’ Binkley ate Delta-8 brownie from Opry Mills before wild assault on girlfriend; remembers nothing

Kansas McCall Redmon says her 25-year-old boyfriend, Turner Binkley III (Trey Binkley), purchased a brownie containing Delta-8 at a store inside the Opry Mills Mall on Sunday. After he consumed the brownie, the couple went to bed at 10 p.m., and everything went well until 1 a.m. — when Binkly woke up “in a state of panic” and became violent” Binkly says he has no memory of Sunday or Monday, but his girlfriend recalls all the vivid details…

Paul Mikkelson deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville #Arrested #PublicIntoxication

Metro Nashville Police found 31-year-old Paul Mikkelson lying down near the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville before attempting to stand and stumbling into the roadway at 4th Ave South, where he fell onto the sidewalk again. Upon checking his welfare, it was quickly noticed he was extremely intoxicated, and medics were called to respond to the location. Mikkelson refused all medical assistance and didn’t have a phone in his possession to call anyone to assist him. Unable to leave him in his current condition, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Father calls police to report son assaulted him two days after it happened — Anthony Holt, arrested

Charles Holt called Metro Nashville Police to his home to report that two days prior to the call, his 25-year-old son, Anthony Holt, had assaulted him. He says the two were in a verbal argument, and when the father attempted to leave the residence to de-escalate the situation, Anthony grabbed his right arm and “threw him to the side.” Officers observed a visible injury to the victim’s right arm. During an interview, Anthony told officers he did grab his father during the altercation.