Derrick Grace charged with pepper-spraying another man on Church Street

38-year-old Derrick Grace reportedly pepper sprayed another man outside of the post office on Church St. on August 30th. The other man, Quintin, told police he recognized Derrick from the gym, and he approached him to speak to him. After they spoke, Quintin said that Derrick got into his vehicle and reversed back to him. He said that Derrick called him back over, and he leaned on Derrick’s car. That is when Derrick pepper sprayed him, despite him dodging. Derrick told police that Quintin said, “He had that good on him,” then raised his eyebrows. When he acted like he did not hear him, he got into his vehicle, drove back over to Quintin, and rolled down his passenger vehicle. Derrick told police there were no threats and only wanted to speak with him. After talking, he said that is when he pepper sprayed Quintin and called the police. Quintin told police he wished to prosecute, and that is when Derrick was cited for assault. He was later booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Harrison Mason pepper sprayed by security after trying to get into friend’s apartment in Nashville

24-year-old Harrison Mason was pepper sprayed by a security guard on March 1 as he attempted to enter his friend’s apartment. Police arrived in response to the call and determined Mason was allowed to be there, but he didn’t just have his keys to the apartment. He was extremely intoxicated and refused to assist officers in finding a resolution to the situation. He was given multiple opportunities to charge his cell phone so that he could contact his friend, and officers eventually made contact with the friend, but Mason continued to be belligerent and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Brandi Jennings charged after pepper-spray incident at Maplewood High School

18-year-old Brandi Jennings was broadcasting an Instagram live from Maplewood High School on Valentine’s Day when several girls, who she is not friends with, got onto her feed and caused a scene while she was live. After her broadcast ended, she confronted the group of girls in the hallway but said she suddenly became afraid she was going to “get jumped.” She pepper-sprayed the girls, with one juvenile receiving a direct stream to the face. She was charged with carrying a weapon on school property.

Van Darby Miller pepper sprayed at 7-Eleven after refusing to leave the property

Police say 24-year-old Van Darby Miller was trespassing at the 7-Eleven on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Sunday night and refused to leave. Both the security and an off-duty Millersville Police officer had asked him to leave the location, and eventually, Metro Nashville Police had to be called. Before their arrival, Miller was in an argument with the security guard, Isaac Thurman, who pepper-sprayed him.

Lisa Hayes threatens Google Fiber workers with AK-47 & pepper spray

Nashville Police say 58-year-old Lisa Hayes threatened the contractors installing Google Fiber in her neighborhood with pepper spray and an AK-47 if they didn’t leave her property. Paul Carter was a member of the team which directed traffic and attempted to determine the problem as the contractors did not speak English. Hayes was waving a large can of pepper spray around while demanding they get off of her property (which seemed to be the right-of-way) and yelled that if they didn’t leave her property, she was going to return with her AK-47 while gesturing to her house window which overlooked the job site. Officers arrived at the and Hayes wasn’t so quick to come outside with them present. She would only speak through her window and refused to cooperate with any requests without a warrant. She was taken into custody and charged with assault.

Man asks store clerk to call 911 for him; she pepper sprays him instead — John Johnson

Metro Nashville Police say 32-year-old John Johnson came to the Fresh Market on 4th Ave S. and from outside asked the store clerk to call an ambulance for him. She stated she wasn’t able to do that and told him to leave the property. Upset at the response, Johnson reportedly then walked into the store and grabbed merchandise from the counter, at which time the clerk pepper-sprayed the man with “Sabre Red, Blue Face Pepper Spray” causing him to flee. He returned a short time later with a rock in his hand and damaged the front glass door of the business. He was located a few blocks away and taken into custody.

Woman pepper-sprays baby’s daddy, he drenches himself in milk – so she sprays again

Police say Amanda Brown was upset with her boyfriend, and father of her two children, Rikevion Crenshaw. He tried to leave the situation, which eventually leads to her attacking him with Mace. He then drenches himself with milk to alleviate the injury, at which time he says she unleashes the spray a second time.

Man pepper-sprays girlfriend after taking her car for three days

44-year-old Robert Newman was charged with domestic assault after he pepper-sprayed his girlfriend when she chased him down the road because he refused to return her vehicle.

Spitter tells woman “I’m a nasty b-tch” before pulling knife, tries to hit her with vehicle

38-year-old Meridith Price was charged with two counts aggravated assault when she was accused of spitting toward a woman, pulling a knife on her and then trying to hit her with her vehicle, per report.

Wal-Mart patron brandishes knife after chanting “white lives matter”

60-year-old Frankie Lewis was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon once he brandished a knife outside a Wal-Mart after screaming racial slurs and threatening the security guard.