22yo attacks boyfriend’s mom with pepper spray and baseball bat

Metro Police say 22-year-old Timaria Deberry pepper-sprayed her boyfriend’s mother when she was asked to leave and got into an argument. The mother then chased her down to a parking lot, Timaria pulled out a baseball bat, and the mom defended herself with a razor blade knife.

Son pepper-sprayed by Father as son attacks family during argument

18-year-old Paul Lee is free on a $2,000 cash bond after police say he attacked his mother and father during an argument. His father deployed pepper spray on his child, stating he was in fear for the safety of his family.

Naked woman pepper-sprayed after 2 MNPD officers can’t cuff her

22-year-old Mariah Nolen, who was naked in downtown Nashville Wednesday morning, was pepper-sprayed by Metro Police, after Officers Byron Carter and Kyle Eicholtz were unable to restrain her with handcuffs to be arrested for indecent exposure.

Shoplifter punches store security in face, tells MNPD “I should have knocked his ass out”

Myleisha Bennett, 18, is currently held in lieu of a $13,500 bond, after police say she a punched store security guard in the face, then told police “I should have knocked his ass out.” She then attempted to sneak pepper spray into jail with her.

Inmate ‘squat & cough’ results in ‘little pink baggie’ of Fentanyl, pepper spray to anus.

Kenneth Johnson has been in a Davidson County Jail since July of 2017, yet on Friday night he was found with Fentanyl and tobacco in what many call his ‘prison pocket’.

Lesbian Ex-Lover Spat: Tanisha Luster Pepper Sprays Ex Girlfriend’s New Girlfriend At Stoplight

Tanisha Luster was arrested on Saturday in Nashville, after she pepper sprayed her ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend, after finding them stopped at a red light. Get our your notepads and pay attention – Tanisha use to date Keisha. Since they broke up, Keisha is now dating a girl named Kiara. On Saturday night, the new couple (Keisha & Kiara) were at a stoplight near Metro Center. Keisha was driving, and Kiara was in the passenger seat, with her window rolled down. As they were waiting for the light to turn green,…

April Pulley WILL Pepper Spray Your Dog (& Wild Turkeys), And Won’t Apologize!

East Nashville Resident April Pulley will not hesitate to pepper spray neighborhood animals, including your dog, even if it just got our of his area while you were asleep or at work and it was coming to greet her 75lb dog(Jean Luc) that she was walking at the time. In fact, by her own words, the dog was in control, not attacking, and she used her pepper spray on this innocent animal – and says she would do it again, and doesn’t apologize for the most recent incident – which…