Woman pepper-sprays baby’s daddy, he drenches himself in milk – so she sprays again

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Police say Amanda Brown was upset with her boyfriend, and father of her two children, Rikevion Crenshaw. He tried to leave the situation, which eventually leads to her attacking him with Mace. He then drenches himself with milk to alleviate the injury, at which time he says she unleashes the spray a second time.

Police arrived at the Dellway Villa Rd apartment on 07/21 in response to a domestic disturbance. The victim, Rikevion Crenshaw, was allegedly talking about women with one of his friends when his girlfriend, Amanda Brown, overheard and became upset. She told him to pack a bag and leave the apartment, and he began to gather some clothes so the situation didn’t escalate.

Amanda Brown (MNPD)
Amanda Brown (MNPD)

As he was preparing to leave, Amanda admits to poking him in the eye but claims it was an accident. That led to the two further arguing, and the victim says she began physically assaulting him. As he pushed her away, she grabbed a can of Mace and began to spray his face, and they ended up brawling on the floor.

Eventually, a witness was able to pull Rikevion out of being assaulted, and he was able to douse himself with milk to help relieve the burn, however, Amanda then once again grabbed the Mace and unleashed another stream, at which time he then poured the remaining milk on her head.

Amanda M. Brown, 20, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail at 5:26 p.m. on 07/21, charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She is free on a $1,500 bond.

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