Intoxicated man destroys musician’s car in downtown Nashville — Michael Strini visits music city

24-year-old Michael Strini was found in Downtown Nashville late Saturday night inside a car that didn’t belong to him, which he had destroyed by smashing the windshield, driver’s window, and mirror. Police say he was sweating profusely on a cool, rainy night, and left multiple dents and bloody body prints on the vehicle. He told police he had been “drinking heavily”, and later posted a $2,000 cash bond. Strini recently moved to Spring Hill, TN, where he noted on social media he was “visiting Nashville for a few months”.

Man pepper-sprays girlfriend after taking her car for three days

44-year-old Robert Newman was charged with domestic assault after he pepper-sprayed his girlfriend when she chased him down the road because he refused to return her vehicle.

Woman attempts to run over boyfriend with his own vehicle multiple times

27-year-old Stephanie Kirby was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she tried to hit her boyfriend several times with his own vehicle.

Monee Smith runs into her ex-boyfriend with her car (Caught on video)

Early Monday morning, at around 8 AM, Monee smith drove her vehicle into a car her ex-boyfriend was driving, then tried to stab him, before she was wrestled to the ground and held for police. It’s worth noting that when this incident happened on Monday, Monee Smith was currently out on bail for striking her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend with her car in February. Video: Michael Martin ( Herman Blacksmith & his girlfriend, Lamonteisha Johnson, were driving east on Clarksville Pk when they encountered Herman’s ex-girlfriend, Monee Smith, driving west toward…

East Nashville Speed Challenge(r) (w/Video)

Dear neighbor on Montgomery Ave: if this is you, can you stop? We understand you love your new car, which appears to be a Challenger, however there are human beings and animals that live here, and if you continue this, someone’s going to get hurt. It’s dangerous, and we’re not impressed. We understand that (according to your neighbors) you just graduated, and you think the world now belongs to you, along with your new car with paper drive-out tags – but in fact, you share this world, and this street…