Antonio Rivera caught with 36.4 grams of marijuana at Greyhound Bus Station

42-year-old Antonio Rivera was jailed on March 20th after police responded to the Greyhound Bus Station on Rep John Lewis Way South for a bag containing drugs and a weapon. An employee of the Greyhound found the bag underneath the seat of a vacant Greyhound bus. A search of the bag located a loaded Iver Johnson handgun, a large bag of marijuana weighing approximately 36.4 grams, and two receipts with Rivera’s name. Officers found Rivera and asked him to step off the premises. He was immediately detained and admitted that the bag belonged to him. Rivera explained that he let a fellow passenger from Indiana smoke from his vape and was given the marijuana in exchange. As far as the gun, he stated he carries it for protection. Rivera was taken into custody and charged with having a weapon under the influence, possession with intent to sell, public intoxication, and firearm during a felony on March 20th.

DUI: 18-year-old Cecil Dodd drinks beer before driving wrong direction down one-way street

18-year-old Cecil Dodd was jailed on January 4th after police observed him driving in the wrong direction down a one-way street. Officers pulled him over on 4th Avenue and James Robertson Parkway and could smell alcohol coming from his person. Dodd admitted to drinking a beer earlier that day. Dodd and his passengers were removed from the vehicle and questioned separately. All occupants agreed that Dodd had alcohol in the car before picking up the passengers. During the vehicle search, officers located several beer containers and single shots of Fireball. Dodd performed poorly on sobriety tests, was taken into custody, and blew a .057% on a breathalyzer. He also admitted to having a vape in his pocket. Cecil Dodd was charged with consuming alcohol under 21, driving while intoxicated underage, possession of alcohol under 21, and tobacco violation.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Joseph Yingling starts a fight in Downtown Nashville

42-year-old Joseph Francis Yingling, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, was involved in a scuffle with Liam Leyden at Bakersfield restaurant on 3rd Avenue South in the late hours of November 11th. Leyden spoke with officers and advised them that he and Yingling were arguing when he attacked him, putting him in a chokehold and throwing him to the ground. They began to fight, but their friends broke it up. Officers reviewed security footage, and it shows Yingling getting up and walking to Leyden before putting his hands on his neck, lifting him out of his seat, and throwing him to the floor. Yingling was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

DUI: Ivoree Lee says he got so high at Buds & Brews he couldn’t drive home

23-year-old Ivoree Lee says he was at Buds & Brews, Nashville’s Cannabis Bar and Restaurant, Friday night, where he smoked “enough” and was so “high” that he went outside and got behind the wheel of his vehicle in an attempt to “sleep it off” before driving. He states he only had “a sip” of his girlfriend’s drink. When officers arrived he had watery eyes which were bloodshot, and he almost fell asleep during their interaction. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI as he was behind the wheel with the key in his possession.

DUI: Joanna Green charged after falling asleep behind the wheel in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Joanna Green was jailed on Saturday night after falling asleep drunk at the wheel on 4th and Broadway and resisting arrest. Concerned citizens flagged down officers about a driver being passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle. When officers approached and evaluated her welfare, she was asked to do sobriety testing, but she kept stating how she needed to use the bathroom. She was unsteady on her feet, had slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol. Green was extremely uncooperative, argued, and caused injury to an officer, so she was transferred to a different patrol car. She would later blow a 0.151% on a breathalyzer.

Kenneth Zook assaults girlfriend, accuses cop of trying to get her phone number

32-year-old Kenneth Michael Zook was drinking with his girlfriend, Kelsey Gazarek, at Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville on November 23rd. The two got into an argument when she was dancing with another man. Zook assaulted the man, and they were all tossed out of the bar for fighting. The couple went across the street to Walk of Fame Park, where he admits he pushed her off a concrete structure she was sitting on. He then accused the responding officer of attempting to get his girlfriend’s phone number and became verbally combative. He was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Raymond Flores charged after aggressive behavior in downtown Nashville

41-year-old Raymond Flores was the subject of a disorderly person call outside of Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. He was reportedly becoming aggressive and threatening toward an unknown female at the location. Officers arrived to find him yelling and screaming at the woman and grabbing the back of her head while yelling at her. As officers attempted to place him into custody, he became aggressive with officers, who had to use force and “joint manipulation techniques” to get him cuffed. He told officers he was “very” drunk, and when asked to elaborate on the amount he had to drink, he stated “a lot!” He was placed into custody and transported to booking.

Smalltown OnlyFans Top Creator follows friends to Nashville to harass them —Abigail Haley Millsap arrested

Metro Police were dispatched to Victory Ave on May 13th on a disorderly person call. They met with Tymber Fullard, who explained she and friends were visiting Nashville from Georgia to attend a concert. She says her former roommate, 21-year-old Abigail Haley Millsap, followed her from Georgia all the way to Nashville with the intent to harass the group of friends. Millsap reportedly threw a bottle of liquid onto Fullard, causing a “slimy orange-colored liquid” to spill onto her legs, boots, and hands, as the bottle shattered. Millsap fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

DUI: Musician Judson McKinney arrested after driving wrong way on 2nd Ave downtown

Police say 37-year-old Judson McKinney was driving in the wrong direction on a one-way street in downtown Nashville this weekend when he came up onto the sidewalk and collided with barricades. He kept telling police “I’m just a musician coming back from a gig” as he attempted to stand on 2nd Avenue. While he was insistent he had only consumed “one drink”, his pupils were largely dilated and non-reactive to light. He failed every attempt at a field sobriety test and refused to speak with officers further. He declined requests for his blood, however, officers obtained a warrant and transported him to Nashville General Hospital prior to being jailed.

Man charged with assaulting bouncers at Rippy’s Bar — Brandan Owen

30-year-old Brandan Owen faces multiple charges after police say he assaulted two bouncers at Rippy’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville, striking one of them with a glass beer bottle. Owen told police he was held down and kicked by the bouncers.

The argument started after he was asked to leave the bar for being disorderly. Brandan Owen is free on a $3,700 bond.