Antonio Rivera caught with 36.4 grams of marijuana at Greyhound Bus Station

42-year-old Antonio Rivera was jailed on March 20th after police responded to the Greyhound Bus Station on Rep John Lewis Way South for a bag containing drugs and a weapon. An employee of the Greyhound found the bag underneath the seat of a vacant Greyhound bus. A search of the bag located a loaded Iver Johnson handgun, a large bag of marijuana weighing approximately 36.4 grams, and two receipts with Rivera’s name. Officers found Rivera and asked him to step off the premises. He was immediately detained and admitted that the bag belonged to him. Rivera explained that he let a fellow passenger from Indiana smoke from his vape and was given the marijuana in exchange. As far as the gun, he stated he carries it for protection. Rivera was taken into custody and charged with having a weapon under the influence, possession with intent to sell, public intoxication, and firearm during a felony on March 20th.

Antonio Rivera worked his meat stick in a South Nashville Deli

31-year-old Antonio Rivera walked into Flores Super Deli on Largo Drive in South Nashville on March 18 and walked into the kitchen of the deli, where he pulled down his pants, sat in a chair, and began to masturbate vigorously. Metro Nashville Police arrived and noticed he had a crack pipe in his mouth, which they took and demanded he pull up his pants, finished or not. He continued to pleasure himself, at which point officers removed him from the chair and pulled his pants up for him. He was transported to booking and charged with public indecency and drug paraphernalia.