Bachelorette Alyssa David says she was profiled for being a white female in downtown bar

25-year-old tourist Alyssa David came from Pennsylvania to Nashville this weekend for a bachelorette party. Due to their excessive drunken antics, members of the bachelorette party were kicked out of both Tootsie’s and Luke’s 32 Bar. Upset about being bounced, Alyssa approached the nearest Metro Nashville Police patrol car on Broadway to report they were asked to leave because they were “being profiled as white females in the bar.” Officers noted she was extremely intoxicated and moments later approached a downtown ambassador on his segway and began to record him while ‘bopping’ his face with the phone. After an exchange of words which included telling her to pay attention to where she was walking, Alyssa pushed the Ambassador and grabbed his segway, and began to shake it. She was then taken into custody and transported to booking.

Tourist Matthew Santellano jailed after failing to pay bill at Tootsie’s Bar in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Missouri tourist Matthew Santellano was at Tootsie’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday night when security observed him taking drinks from the bar, which were freshly prepared for other patrons. As they were preparing to escort him out, he was asked to close out his tab, which totaled $188.99. Santellano provided two different forms of payment, each of which was declined. He then became threatening toward security and attempted to push his way past them to flee the bar. He was detained and held for Metro Nashville Police.

Joey Ortega knocks his boyfriend out with a punch to the face at Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 35-year-old Joey Ortega punched his boyfriend, Andrew Beck, in the face as they were approached the couple outside Tootsie’s on Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday night. A verbal argument attracted the attention of police initially, and as they approached, Ortega cocked his fist back and released it, landing his boyfriend on the sidewalk. He was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Riley Thomas jailed after knocking the glasses off a security guard’s face in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Riley Thomas of Three Forks, Montana, was charged with assault on her trip to Nashville this weekend after she reportedly struck a security guard in his eye, knocking off his glasses. Robert Eugene Waddell says he was going to the restroom when he observed Riley’s sister entering the men’s restroom. He commanded her to stop and not enter, as this was the men’s restroom, and directed her back to the women’s restroom, which had a significant line. After doing his business, Waddell was leaving the restroom when Riley’s sister said, “there’s that fucker!” He then told Riley’s sister she had to leave the venue for being disrespectful. She refused, and Waddell called for backup, and another security guard and supervisor arrived. Riley then reached around the supervisor and smacked Waddell in the eye, knocking his glasses off his face. She attempted to flee but was detained until Metro Nashville Police arrived.

DUI: Michael “Chili Dawg” Castleberry charged after historic Tootsie’s beer-chugging performance

After 23-year-old Micheal “Chili Dog” Castleberry amazed a crowd at Tootsie’s Wednesday night and after his set when to a parking garage to retrieve his vehicle. As he pulled alongside Tootsie’s to load his equipment, he fell asleep behind the wheel while parked and running. Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative pulled behind him and woke him up with medical alongside. He claimed to have stopped drinking “two hours” prior to driving and claimed he was just sleeping while waiting on a friend. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to booking, charged with driving under the influence.

Kenneth Zook assaults girlfriend, accuses cop of trying to get her phone number

32-year-old Kenneth Michael Zook was drinking with his girlfriend, Kelsey Gazarek, at Tootsie’s in downtown Nashville on November 23rd. The two got into an argument when she was dancing with another man. Zook assaulted the man, and they were all tossed out of the bar for fighting. The couple went across the street to Walk of Fame Park, where he admits he pushed her off a concrete structure she was sitting on. He then accused the responding officer of attempting to get his girlfriend’s phone number and became verbally combative. He was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Kevin Cascante charged for drunkenness after trying to spit on people in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police responded to Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in response to a disorderly individual who was attempting to spit on citizens in the area. Officers located 37-year-old Kevin Cascante a short distance away after he was identified by security at the location. He was extremely intoxicated and unsteady on his feet as he walked down Broadway. He told officers he had been in an argument with his girlfriend and was currently on his way to go home and commit suicide. He then dropped his phone on the sidewalk and fell over when he attempted to pick him up. Officers rolled him over and placed him into custody, charging him with public intoxication.