Tourist Joshua Turner jailed after disturbance at downtown Nashville bar

21-year-old Missouri tourist Joshua Turner was kicked out of Luke’s 32 Bar in downtown Nashville early Friday night due to his disruptive behavior, according to security staff. After being removed from the property, Turner continued to return, stating that bouncers kept his ID. As the situation escalated, officers intervened and verified the bar did not have his identification. Police advised his friend group he was trespassed from the bar, and his ID wasn’t inside. A short time later, Turner returned, once again, to the bar, demanding the return of his ID. Due to his level of intoxication and behavior, Turner was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Tourist Matthew Santellano jailed after failing to pay bill at Tootsie’s Bar in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Missouri tourist Matthew Santellano was at Tootsie’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday night when security observed him taking drinks from the bar, which were freshly prepared for other patrons. As they were preparing to escort him out, he was asked to close out his tab, which totaled $188.99. Santellano provided two different forms of payment, each of which was declined. He then became threatening toward security and attempted to push his way past them to flee the bar. He was detained and held for Metro Nashville Police.

James Bond offers Nashville police $200 to free him from arrest

31-year-old James Bond offered Metro Nashville Police officers $200 to free him after he was arrested on Broadway early Sunday morning. Bond was initially kicked out of Rippy’s Honky Tonk for being “unruly” inside the establishment. He then began to fight with security as he was being escorted out of the bar. Police took custody of him outside, where he continued to be irate and attempted to kick and headbutt officers. Once inside the patrol car, he began to shout slurs at police and nearby pedestrians and then attempted to exchange $200 for his freedom.

Karla Sparks slaps a woman in downtown Nashville in front of police officers

29-year-old Karla Sparks and her friend were yelling, “that crackhead robbed us and assaulted me!” as downtown officers noticed them on Broadway in front of Lucky Bastard Saloon late Saturday night in downtown Nashville. Officers determined to gather more information, but both individuals were very uncooperative and refused to give any more information. They began to yell at officers to “Arrest her!” but would not give any further information on what occurred or why. As officers began to speak with the other involved individual, Sparks ran up and smacked her in the face in front of officers. She was taken into custody for the assault of Janna Forsythe, and disorderly conduct.

Tourist Chad Cox whipped it out and was getting pleasured at Whiskey Bent Saloon

42-year-old tourist Chad Cox was in a closed section of Whiskey Bent Saloon early Sunday morning with his pants around his ankles and his wife performing a sexual act on him. Security asked him to pull up his pants and move along, but on the way out, Cox became aggressive and began to shove bouncers, upset about his failed performance. He was extremely intoxicated and was transported to booking and charged with disorderly conduct.

Andrew McSkimming punches Uber driver in both heads

25-year-old Andrew McSkimming is charged with the assault of his Uber driver, Abdelshahid Bishwy Bahgatayyad, after he punched him in the face and then punched him in the balls. The victim says they had arrived at the dropoff location, and McSkimming was extremely intoxicated and when he was asked to get out of the Uber, McSkimming punched the driver in the face.

Both parties then exited the vehicle as McSmimming began to hit the vehicle with his fists. McSkimming then punched the victim in the groin with his fist. Officers were issuing Andrew McSkimming a state citation for assault when he became combative with officers and continued his threatening behavior. They placed him into custody and transported him to booking.

Tourist charged with slapping girlfriend in face in downtown Nashville — Anthony Waldner #VisitMusicCity

21-year-old Missouri tourist Anthony ‘Tony’ Waldner was booked into the Metro Nashville jail this weekend, charged with the assault of his girlfriend, Kaelyn Rawie. The two were reportedly drinking during the evening, and once back at their hotel after a concert at Ascend Amphitheater Thursday night, and he slapped her in the face, causing an injury to her lip. Waldner is free on a $1,000 cash bond, charged with simple assault (not domestic assault, according to court records).

Woman fires gun while intoxicated in shared hotel room after discussion of a threesome

23-year-old Elizabeth Petersen was charged with negligently discharging a handgun through the roof of a shared hotel room while next to a baby after having a discussion about a threesome while intoxicated.