Khalil Willis punches girlfriend in eye after making him get out of her car during argument

37-year-old Khalil Willis had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Itzel Negron, in her car near Gallatin Avenue on April 7th. On April 8th, around 12:08 p.m., officers were dispatched to Skyline Medical Center, where they spoke with Itzel. Itzel stated that on April 7th, she and Willis had a verbal altercation, during which she stopped her car and asked him to get out. Then, he punched her in the right eye, leaving bruising and swelling around it. After officers investigated, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Willis was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 16th.

DUI: Alex Williams “I am not about that” (DUI Tests)

30-year-old Alex Williams was charged with DUI Saturday night after security from Losers Bar & Grill contacted Metro Nashville Police about his erratic driving near patrons. Security had asked him to leave the location and notified police, who arrived to find him pulling into the parking area for the venue. He parked across the lines and was visibly intoxicated. Officers described his mental state as “confused.” He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and an empty New Amsterdam Vodka bottle was found on the floorboard of the vehicle. When asked if he would agree to breath or blood testing, Williams replied, “I am not about that.”

Jack Spence charged with daytime DUI after Saturday crash on interstate

27-year-old Jack Spence was driving on I-65 N just before 5 p.m. Saturday when police say he crashed into a guardrail on the right side of the roadway. During their interaction, Spence reportedly reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. The passenger in his vehicle sustained injuries, so a warrant was granted for Spence’s blood, which was drawn at Metro General. Spence was charged with the daytime DUI.

DUI: Wilson Limbaugh charged after drinking “3 beers” at Tin Roof Demonbreun

25-year-old James Wilson Limbaugh IV says he had “3 beers” at Tin Roof on Demonbreun before crashing his vehicle in the early hours of Sunday morning in downtown Nashville. He refused all field sobriety tests and blood draws by stating, “lawyer.” A night court magistrate granted a search warrant for his blood, which was drawn at Metro General Hospital prior to booking.

Andrew McSkimming punches Uber driver in both heads

25-year-old Andrew McSkimming is charged with the assault of his Uber driver, Abdelshahid Bishwy Bahgatayyad, after he punched him in the face and then punched him in the balls. The victim says they had arrived at the dropoff location, and McSkimming was extremely intoxicated and when he was asked to get out of the Uber, McSkimming punched the driver in the face.

Both parties then exited the vehicle as McSmimming began to hit the vehicle with his fists. McSkimming then punched the victim in the groin with his fist. Officers were issuing Andrew McSkimming a state citation for assault when he became combative with officers and continued his threatening behavior. They placed him into custody and transported him to booking.

Pheairis McMurray would knot leave Smokin Thighs after showing up high on marijuana

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Wedgewood location of Smokin Thighs on a report of a disorderly person at the business. They came in contact with 29-year-old Pheairis McMurray, who stated he had smoked marijuana before visiting the restaurant. He had been asked to leave and was now willing to do so; however, his slurred and muffled speech and inability to stay focused on a conversation led police to take him into custody for public intoxication.

Craig Toney causes $20K of damages to Opryland hotel during assault of girlfriend and stepfather

26-year-old Robert “Craig” Toney was jailed this weekend on multiple charges of domestic assault and vandalism after a night at the Opryland Hotel left the rural Georgia family in a bloody brawl. Craig initially was in a verbal argument with his girlfriend, Kelsea Lafferty Toney, and he grabbed her by the throat, strangling her, knocking her to the bed, and then to the floor, assaulting her the entire time. Craig’s stepfather, Ray Adkins, attempted to intervene, and Craig punched him in the mouth, causing visible injuries. Damages to the hotel room, the exterior hallway, the blood-soaked carpets, walls, beds, hallway, and wallpaper, are estimated to be up to $20,000.

Nashville Bishop Kenneth Dupree pulls gun on neighbor, threatens to “put her in an obituary”

Metro Nashville Police say security camera footage captured 65-year-old retired Bishop Kenneth Dupree pulling a silver handgun on his neighbor and pointing it directly at her while stating: “I will put you in an obituary and sh**t you, you M*-*-*F*-*-*g b*-*h.

The incident occurred after the neighbor, Jenine Di Conti, says Dupree was speeding through the neighborhood and nearly hit someone so she turned the garden hose, which was already in her hand, in the direction of the vehicle in an attempt to get his attention to slow down and watch out for the other person. After parking his vehicle, he returned to the neighbor’s home and made the threats, with her husband as a witness. He said she harassed him and “if it would be up to him, if she came to his property today, she would be laying in his driveway.” Police took Dupree into custody and transported him to booking. He had secured his firearm inside his residence before officers arrived.