Khalil Willis punches girlfriend in eye after making him get out of her car during argument

37-year-old Khalil Willis had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Itzel Negron, in her car near Gallatin Avenue on April 7th. On April 8th, around 12:08 p.m., officers were dispatched to Skyline Medical Center, where they spoke with Itzel. Itzel stated that on April 7th, she and Willis had a verbal altercation, during which she stopped her car and asked him to get out. Then, he punched her in the right eye, leaving bruising and swelling around it. After officers investigated, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Willis was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 16th.

Kiera Lawrence drives 100 mph on I-24 in her Honda Civic

21-year-old Kiera Lawrence was recklessly driving in her white Honda Civic on I-24 on March 11th. Officers observed Lawrence weaving through lanes at 100mph in a 70 mph zone. Officers cited Lawrence for the violation, and she was booked for reckless driving on April 3rd.

Tim’Nisha Otey assaults ex-girlfriend after argument at Cumberland Market

20-year-old Tim’Nisha Otey and her unidentified friend had a domestic altercation with her ex-girlfriend, K’Sea Hill, at the Cumberland Market on the corner of East Trinity Lane and Meridian Street on March 13th. Around 9:00 a.m. on March 14th, Hill, who was at the Cumberland Inn Motel on West Trinity Lane, called the police. She informed officers of the incident at the market when they arrived.  Hill explained that she and Otey exchanged words at the market, stepped outside, and then she walked away. Hill said that when Otey and the other female drove past her, they turned around, came back, and exited the vehicle. Otey then started to hit her in the face while the other female held her down on the ground. Officers observed swelling to Hill’s upper lip. Otey was taken into custody for domestic assault on March 26th.

No payment, no problem. Trio ran their own wire to NES pole — Christie Murphy, Leon Welch, & Jessica Whitaker

While responding to a downed power-line call on March 25, Nashville Fire observed a homemade/illegal wire connecting a Fernwood Drive home to the power pole and electric grid. NES arrived and confirmed it was an illegal line and was bypassing the meter on the home, which was previously disconnected. 48-year-old Christie Murphy, Leon Welch, & 39-year-old Jessica Whitaker were all living in the home and were taken into custody and charged with theft of services.

William Warren Davidson jailed after drunken assault of woman in his home

31-year-old William Warren Davidson was jailed after injuring a woman in his home after an argument spiraled out of control about his alcohol use. Saturday afternoon on Granada Ave, Kelly Driscoll told police that after yoga class, she was invited to Davidson’s house. When she arrived and realized Davidson was drunk, they got into an argument about him drinking too much. Davidson was locking himself in different rooms of the house and closed Kelly’s right arm in a door. Kelly states that Davidson also threw her onto the floor and broke her phone by throwing it out the front door. Police say the injuries are consistent with the details of the incident described by both Kelly and Davidson.

Brittney Calhoun charged in “girl’s night out” DUI crash in East Nashville

30-year-old Brittney Calhoun told police she was “in town for a girl’s night and going to some bars” when they found her and a passenger crashed in East Nashville at 3:30 a.m. Saturday. She had driven her vehicle into two parked cars on the side of the road. Further questioning revealed that her drink of choice was Vodka & Red Bull, and she consumed “a couple” while at the bars. She says she blacked out and doesn’t remember any of the crash. Officers located two large Bud Light cans that were open and leaking alcohol into the driver’s side of the car, along with another opened bottle of alcohol in the front. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI. Her passenger was transported to Centennial hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Cameron Luke Schibig charged after assault of roommate with baseball bat

Michael Reynolds sleeps on the couch of a shared residence with multiple roommates, and he says one of the roommates, 18-year-old Cameron Luke Schibig, spent one late night and early morning last week constantly going in and out of the front door, which is beside the couch that Reynolds sleeps on. Noting he had work the next morning, Reynolds asked Schibig to stop using that door and waking him up. He says Schibig then began muttering under his breath while walking to his room, where he retrieved a metal baseball bat and swung it at the head of Reynolds while screaming he was going to kill him. Two other residents witnessed the assault and helped to take the bat from the teen. Reynolds suffered a large bruise for several days on his arm, which he attempted to use to deflect and block the bat’s impact.

DUI: Robert Colton Lewis collides with Nashville Fire Engine

30-year-old Robert Colton Lewis was backing into the street just after midnight Friday night to perform a three-point-turn when he collided with Nashville Fire Department Engine 29. Investigating officers found Lewis to be intoxicated, and he admitted to drinking prior to driving and the crash. He declined all field sobriety tests and breath/chemical testing. He was transported to booking, charged with DUI, and violation of the implied consent law.

Jacob Romero charged with DUI while on way to buy marijuana

Police responded to a crash with injuries just after 5 a.m. Thursday on Granada Ave and made contact with the driver, 28-year-old Jacob Romero. Romero’s vehicle had driven over a guard rail and collided with a chain-link fence at a business, where it eventually came to rest into a tree. Romero stated that he intentionally drove off the roadway to meet someone to buy marijuana. He also admitted to drinking five beers in the hours prior to driving. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, he was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

Philip Davenport asks “I’m really drunk, aren’t I?”, with house key in ignition of his Lexus at Taco Bell

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Taco Bell on the 2900 block of Gallatin Pike Wednesday night on a report of a disorderly person. Employees stated that 63-year-old Philip Davenport was stumbling around his 2003 Lexus SC430 in the parking lot. Police approached the man and observed his house key was in the ignition and the vehicle’s ignition key in the outside door keyhole. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Davenport stated, “I’m really drunk, aren’t I?”