19-year-old Cameron Schibig weaves between cars at 100mph on I-24 East

19-year-old Cameron Schibig was speeding on I-24 East in the early hours of February 22nd. Officers observed him going an estimated 100 mph, weaving in and out of traffic with a lack of regard for the safety of others. Then, they conducted a traffic stop and cited him for the incident. Schibig was booked on the citation of reckless driving on March 19th.

Cameron Luke Schibig charged after assault of roommate with baseball bat

Michael Reynolds sleeps on the couch of a shared residence with multiple roommates, and he says one of the roommates, 18-year-old Cameron Luke Schibig, spent one late night and early morning last week constantly going in and out of the front door, which is beside the couch that Reynolds sleeps on. Noting he had work the next morning, Reynolds asked Schibig to stop using that door and waking him up. He says Schibig then began muttering under his breath while walking to his room, where he retrieved a metal baseball bat and swung it at the head of Reynolds while screaming he was going to kill him. Two other residents witnessed the assault and helped to take the bat from the teen. Reynolds suffered a large bruise for several days on his arm, which he attempted to use to deflect and block the bat’s impact.