Imari Claybrooks caught with 192.3 grams of marijuana in her car

21-year-old Imari Claybrooks failed to stop completely before turning right at the red light on 7th Avenue South and Lafayette Street on the afternoon of February 26th. Claybrooks pulled over to the Nashville Rescue Mission parking lot, and as officers approached her car, they noticed it reeked of marijuana. Officers then asked Claybrooks to exit the vehicle so they could search it. During the search, officers located a Kroger bag with a total of 192.3 grams of marijuana split into 16 small bags that were all labeled with different sales prices. Under Miranda, Claybrooks told them she was using the marijuana to make edibles and handed them a small bag of marijuana that she had in her bra. Claybrooks was taken into custody for felony possession of Schedule IV with intent.

Leondrea Bailey jailed after doing donuts in parking lot during illegal street racing event

26-year-old Leondrea Bailey was jailed on February 25th when police helicopters observed her participating in an illegal street racer event. Police observed a red Dodge Charger with black racing stripes doing donuts in the Murfreesboro Pike and Bell Road intersection parking lot. Bailey did so while being surrounded by a large crowd of people, putting them at risk of getting hit by her vehicle. When Bailey saw the police, she fled the scene, driving recklessly while speeding until she was finally stopped. After running her information through the system, it was discovered Bailey didn’t have a valid driver’s license. Bailey was taken into custody for rioting, reckless endangerment, and driving without a license on February 25th.

Jarvale Chesser steals ex-girlfriend’s Mercedes-Benz C300, attempts to break-into her Honda Accord

38-year-old Jarvale Javawn Chesser was driving his at-the-time girlfriend’s, Alexis Hick’s, Mercedes-Benz C300 with expired tags on Lafayette Street in the early hours of May 29th. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and found Chesser’s license was suspended, so he was cited. On November 16th, Hicks advised officers that they had broken up, but he gained access to her Mercedes-Benz without consent and refused to comply with her demands to return it. Then, on December 17th, officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance outside of Hick’s residence. She advised them that Chesser attempted to break into her Honda Accord and began to punch the front passenger window repeatedly, causing scratches, and he kicked the front left fender, denting it, and fled the scene. A few hours later, officers located Hick’s Benz and called a towing company. Chesser walked toward the vehicle but ran away after seeing police as they told him to stop. Officers tackled him to the ground, but he was actively restive. Chesser was taken into custody for evading arrest, resisting arrest, vandalism, and theft of property.

Mason Green trips police officer chasing his friend

23-year-old Mason Cole Green was interfering with an investigation on Broadway in the early hours of December 11th. Jared Lamb, Green’s co-defendant, was observed by officers assaulting Leslie Paul Todd, and when they attempted to separate the parties, he fled. Then, Green intentionally tripped Officer Steiner while he was in pursuit of Lamb, causing bodily injury and damage to his pants. When Steiner got back up, Green tried to flee, but he grabbed and pushed him against the wall, attempting to put him in custody, but he actively resisted. Steiner told him numerous times to comply or he would get tased. Green was placed into custody for assaulting an officer, vandalism, two counts of resisting, evading arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Jared Lamb hides from police behind trashcan after punching man in face

25-year-old Jared Lamb was involved in a scuffle on Broadway with Leslie Paul Todd in the early hours of Monday. Officers were at an unrelated traffic stop when they overheard the altercation, began walking towards Lamb, and observed him punch Todd in the face, knocking him out. They tried to separate the parties and advised Lamb to wait while they situated everything, but when they turned around, they saw him running away. The officer began to chase after Lamb when Mason Cole Green, Lamb’s co-defendant, intentionally tripped him, causing bodily injury and damaging his pants. Lamb continued running on 4th Avenue and eventually ran up the stairs to the AT&T building, where a security guard advised officers that Lamb was hiding behind a trashcan. Lamb was taken into custody for assault and two counts of evading.

Nicholas Behel interferes with arrest on Broadway

25-year-old Nicholas John Behel was interfering with an arrest on Broadway in the early hours of Monday.  Officers were in the vicinity of a fight, intervened, and began to take an individual involved into custody. This was when Behel started to interfere with the arrest. He remained on the scene and continued interjecting into their investigation, ignoring numerous commands to leave the area.  Behel was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

DUI: Tyler Blevins flips his car and crashes into light pole

29-year-old Tyler Blevins was involved in a car accident at 11th Ave. N in the early hours of November 5th. Blevins was sitting outside his vehicle as officers arrived, and he advised them that he was driving southbound on 11th Ave. N when a woman with her dog crossed the road, causing him to swerve to avoid them, causing his vehicle to flip over and hit a light pole. Witnesses told officers they heard the crash but did not see any woman with a dog crossing the road. Blevins was noted to have slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and a strong smell of alcohol on his person. Visibly intoxicated, Blevins told officers he did not consume any alcohol and that he had back pain. He refused to partake in sobriety tests, was read implied consent, and was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital. Blevins was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

James McLean passes out in front of hotel in downtown Nashville

58-year-old James McLean was found passed out in front of a downtown Nashville hotel. When staff awakened him, he refused to leave, and Metro Nashville Police responded to the scene. He was highly intoxicated and refused to be treated by medics. Officers made contact with his wife, and he was returned to his room at the hotel. A short time later, McLean was yelling and screaming at others in the vicinity and was taken into custody due to his disruptive behavior. 

Bailee Nelson jailed on riot charge after involvement in street racing meetup in Nashville

21-year-old Bailee Nelson was one of two people charged this weekend as Metro police work to crack down on street racing across Nashville. Metro police reported Micah Hooker, 21, and his passenger Nelson, sped away from a meet-up at a commercial parking lot on Corporate Drive Saturday night. Street racers reportedly practiced burnouts and other maneuvers in the Corporate Drive parking lot. A Metro helicopter crew tracked Hooker and Nelson as they drove a 2020 green Dodge Challenger, and Hooker turned his lights off in an unsuccessful effort to avoid officers. Hooker reportedly almost hit two other motorists head-on. Hooker made a brief stop, and Officer Hausman came up on the rear of the vehicle, which made Hooker turn his lights off again and flee with his vehicle blacked out. Officers eventually stopped Hooker and Nelson at the intersection of Hamilton Church Road and Hobson Pike. Nelson was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, rioting, and gun theft after a pistol in her purse was determined to have been stolen out of Smyrna. She said she did not know it was stolen because it was her sister’s pistol. Nelson told police that her sister bought it from Kings Firearms in Columbia. Hooker and Nelson are the latest to be charged amid Metro police’s continuing street racer enforcement effort.

Jonathan Suggs charged with public intoxication in Nashville

26-year-old Jonathan Suggs was extremely intoxicated this weekend, and medics responded to assist him. As they were evaluating Suggs, Metro Nashville Police also arrived at the location. Suggs was hesitant about being transported to the hospital and eventually refused multiple times. He was advised if he didn’t go to the hospital, he would go to jail for public intoxication, which he did.