Jarvale Chesser steals ex-girlfriend’s Mercedes-Benz C300, attempts to break-into her Honda Accord

38-year-old Jarvale Javawn Chesser was driving his at-the-time girlfriend’s, Alexis Hick’s, Mercedes-Benz C300 with expired tags on Lafayette Street in the early hours of May 29th. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and found Chesser’s license was suspended, so he was cited. On November 16th, Hicks advised officers that they had broken up, but he gained access to her Mercedes-Benz without consent and refused to comply with her demands to return it. Then, on December 17th, officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance outside of Hick’s residence. She advised them that Chesser attempted to break into her Honda Accord and began to punch the front passenger window repeatedly, causing scratches, and he kicked the front left fender, denting it, and fled the scene. A few hours later, officers located Hick’s Benz and called a towing company. Chesser walked toward the vehicle but ran away after seeing police as they told him to stop. Officers tackled him to the ground, but he was actively restive. Chesser was taken into custody for evading arrest, resisting arrest, vandalism, and theft of property.