44-year-old Elizabeth Barnard parties like it’s 2003 in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Tin Roof bar on Broadway to find 44-year-old Elizabeth Marie Barnard extremely intoxicated and having difficulty standing upright while reeking of alcohol. A Nashville Fire medic cart transported her to the staging area at 1st & Broadway, where she was being transitioned to an NFD ambulance for transport. She became combative with first responders, cursing at them and sticking her fingers in the face of medics. She then refused all treatment and medical care and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

NOTE: Davidson County Sheriff’s Department staff at the mobile booking unit decided not to take her mugshot in her extreme state of intoxication, instead relying on a two-decade-old mugshot from 2003 related to a driver’s license issue— a courtesy not afforded to other drunken downtown partygoers — to suffice as the current mugshot. A representative of Sheriff Daron Hall’s Office says “it was a misunderstanding” that they neglected to take a current mugshot during an arrest.

John Underdown, 60, charged with public intoxication in downtown Nashville

60-year-old John Underdown entered a building on 1st Ave S. in downtown Nashville late Saturday night while highly intoxicated. Security asked him to leave as he was becoming disorderly, and he refused to leave the property. Metro Nashville Police officers arrived to observe Underdown yelling and cursing at security. After he continued to refuse to go on about his night, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Local patron charged after assaulting downtown Nashville bartender — Jesse Horn

Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday night were notified that a bartender had been assaulted by a patron, 43-year-old Jesse Horn. As officers responded, Horn immediately walked up into an officer’s face and became aggressive. Horn reportedly reeked of alcohol, could barely walk, and was unable to form sentences that resembled spoken English.

Downtown Nashville proved to be too much for Emma Sprague — public intoxication

21-year-old Emma Sprague was found passed out on the sidewalk by Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative near 3rd & Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning. She was heavily intoxicated and refused all medical assistance. She did not have a working cell phone and officers were unable to locate any of her friends in the vicinity. Unable to care for herself, she was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Shamika Jones puffed, puffed, passed, and crashed.

When 39-year-old Shamika Jones crossed into oncoming traffic in an attempt to pass a car and had a head-on collision Wednesday afternoon on Lebanon Pike, she was still smoking a joint when officers arrived on the scene. She reported she had also smoked a bit earlier in the day, on her way to work. She said the last thing she remembered before the crash was leaving her workplace, the Whole Foods in downtown Nashville, and then being in a crash. Inside her car was 1.2 grams of marijuana and a SMC-380 pistol under the driver’s seat. She claimed to have a felony conviction out of California, but officers were unable to locate any such charge.

Driver at Car Meet pulls gun on men who show “rubber testicles” & taunt drivers— Tyler Cobb

Police say Dakota Cummingham and Alex Morton Oneal admit to driving by a car meet of “street racers” on February 4th and holding a pair of rubber testicles toward the people in the crowd while yelling “this meet sucks” and “suck my truck nuts”. They say a red Camero pulled up to them and three males exited the car with guns pointed at them while the driver of the Camero pulled a handgun and chambered a round while telling them they were going to die that day. Police located the vehicle, with the driver, 20-year-old Tyler Cobb, still inside, two blocks away and took him into custody. Cobb also had an outstanding warrant from two weeks prior when he vandalized a car that stopped to take photos of him doing donuts in the middle of the roadway.

DUI: Woman snorts heroin, gets behind wheel, nods out — Samantha Crawford arrested

Police say 39-year-old Samantha Crawford admitted to snorting a line of heroin at a South Nashville Mapco before she got behind the wheel of her car. She doesn’t remember anything after that, however, her passenger says he had to suddenly grab the steering wheel and attempt to navigate the vehicle for a mile before he was able to get it to stop after she nodded off from an overdose. Nashville Fire responded to the scene and revived her with two doses of Narcan. She is charged with DUI, and driving on a suspended license, and is free on pre-trial release. Crawford’s nursing license was suspended for drug use earlier this year after she admitted to using drugs while working as a jail nurse.

Man charged for attacking grandmother because he wasn’t allowed to use the car, per report

23-year-old Tyler Richardson was charged with domestic assault after he grabbed his grandmother and told her “you’ll pay, you’ll pay!” because he was upset that his uncle wouldn’t let him use the car while intoxicated.