Police charge woman with rioting who attended car sideshow in Nashville — Angel Shepherd

19-year-old Angel Shepherd is charged with rioting after participating in a car sideshow/meetup in Nashville this weekend. Police say she attended the event with Darius Bowins, and they traveled from out of town to attend the event, which consisted of “lawless activities,” including trespassing and fleeing from police by various attendees. Police say she participated in and observed other portions of the events of the evening.  At the time of her arrest, Shepherd was also in possession of one marijuana joint.

Danial Muhammadi charged with drag racing on Donelson Pike

19-year-old Danial Muhammadi was driving a silver car on Donelson Pike on April 14 as he began to race a black car traveling beside him. A THP Trooper was nearby and observed the two catch up and attempt to pass one another until the officer was eventually able to catch up with the cars, activating his emergency lights. The black sedan was able to flee, and he was unable to get a tag number; however, the silver sedan complied with the traffic stop. He was charged with drag racing and reckless driving. The trooper noted his car was smoking due to the way it was being driven.

Mahomed Yusuf charged after doing burnouts on Broadway

19-year-old Mahomed Yusuf was driving his red Dodge Charge on Broadway late Tuesday night as he did 9 “burn-outs” in ten minutes on Broadway, filling the streets with smoke. An officer noticed the smoke and conducted a traffic stop after he failed to stop at 4th & Commerce. The rear tires of the vehicle were balding past the wear bars and the inner wheel wells had begun to melt. Yusuf was taken into custody and charged with reckless driving.

Talha Ahmad charged after doing donuts in Antioch parking lot

Police say 19-year-old Talha Ahmad was doing donuts in his red 2010 Infiniti QX60 in a Hickory Hollow parking lot on January 28th at 5 p.m. Officers observed a children’s function ongoing nearby where the car was doing donuts. He was issued a citation for reckless driving and was booked on that citation this week.

Street Racer Mackqies Raymond flees police, does donuts under airport runway bridge

Mackqies Raymond FEAT

Police say 21-year-old Mackqies Raymond was spotted at several side shows and car meets doing burnouts and donuts and repeatedly fled from officers in his orange Dodge Charger throughout the night. Police even spotted him doing donuts under the airport runway bridge on Murfreesboro Pike. Although ground units could never catch him, his vehicle was ultimately tracked to Omohundro Place, where he was taken into custody.

Street Racers Patrick Jones & Marricus Duncan charged & freed on pre-trial release after fleeing police

Police say 27-yea-old Patrick Leon Jones was traveling south on Franklin Pike at 81 mph in a 45 mph zone Friday night. As the officer activated his lights and sirens, Jones increased the speed of his Dodge Charger, with the officer catching up with him near Harding Place, but as the lights and sirens were activated a second time, Jones fled, and the patrol car didn’t give chase. 23-year-old Marricus Duncan was a passenger in the vehicle. AirOne followed the car through downtown Nashville and eventually to an apartment complex on Tampa Drive, where officers eventually took both men into custody. Jones bragged in booking that he could see the cops behind him, and they never caught up in their cars.

Street Racer Derrick Vassar free on pre-trial release after police chase [VIDEO]

Despite an initial $10,500 bond, 23-year-old Derrick Vassar is free on pre-trial release after fleeing from police working the street racing initiative Friday night. AirOne was surveilling the area near Firestone Parkway and Old Hickory Blvd when Vassar, driving a matte black Chevrolet Corvette, was seen doing donuts in the parking lot of a Thornton’s convenience store [video below], where there was a “sea of vehicles,” according to police, who say Vassar had already fled a traffic stop. As he exited the parking lot, he traversed to I-24 with multiple police vehicles in pursuit with full lights and sirens. AirOne noted that Vasser bailed out of the vehicle on Crossing Place and fled on foot until he was apprehended nearby. Police say he tensed up and pulled away while being arrested, and the tag on the Corvette belonged to a Ford vehicle.

Driver at Car Meet pulls gun on men who show “rubber testicles” & taunt drivers— Tyler Cobb

Police say Dakota Cummingham and Alex Morton Oneal admit to driving by a car meet of “street racers” on February 4th and holding a pair of rubber testicles toward the people in the crowd while yelling “this meet sucks” and “suck my truck nuts”. They say a red Camero pulled up to them and three males exited the car with guns pointed at them while the driver of the Camero pulled a handgun and chambered a round while telling them they were going to die that day. Police located the vehicle, with the driver, 20-year-old Tyler Cobb, still inside, two blocks away and took him into custody. Cobb also had an outstanding warrant from two weeks prior when he vandalized a car that stopped to take photos of him doing donuts in the middle of the roadway.

MNPD Street Racing Initiative results in arrests, citations, and fireworks shot at a police helicopter.

Overnight, MNPD conducted the “Street Racer” initiative resulting in multiple arrests, fireworks shot at a helicopter, a large number of fireworks seized, multiple violations and citations, one towed vehicle, and one that got away from police.