DUI: Matthew Vetter drives erratically, crashes car after doing heroin on I-40 West

31-year-old Matthew Taylor Vetter had a single-vehicle accident at Exit 209B near I-40 West around 11:38 a.m. on April 1st. Officers were dispatched to the crash location and spoke with Vetter and his passenger. Vetter told them he had taken an opioid one hour before the collision and does not remember it happening. His female passenger was injured but advised officers that Vetter picked her up, and then they did Heroin. She added that she did not remember the crash but that Vetter was driving erratically. Vetter was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Juan Acosta body-slams his dog at dog park, tells witness “I am giving him a public beating!”

38-year-old Juan Acosta was taken into custody for animal cruelty on March 7th. On March 4th, the general manager of the Church Street apartments, where Acosta lives, alerted Animal Control. When Animal Control arrived, the general manager provided them with video footage, which showed Acosta at the dog park, hitting his dog with the leash and trying to control it. Then, Acosta grabbed his dog with two hands, put him on his shoulder, and body-slammed him onto the floor. Afterward, Acosta picked his companion by the neck with two hands and “choked” him for nearly five seconds. The video then shows the witness confronting Acosta, who explained to officers that he observed Acosta get on one knee, pick up the dog, and slam it on the ground. The witness explained that they heard the dog welp multiple times in pain. He said that Acosta told him, “I am giving him a public beating!” Acosta was not present when the officers arrived. MACC has confirmed that Acosta’s dog survived the ordeal and is no longer in Acosta’s care. Acosta was taken into custody for animal cruelty on March 7th.

Colby Allen jailed after drunkenly trying to get into his own vehicle

19-year-old Colby Allen was booked on November 4th after reports of a suspicious person on Crystal Spring Lane. Witnesses told police they saw Allen pulling on car door handles out front of the apartments. The officer arrived and saw Allen standing next to a red truck, obviously intoxicated, with vomit all over his clothing. He also admitted to urinating on himself. Allen was the owner of the red truck; he tried to get into it but was too drunk and was taken into custody as a danger to himself.

Mahomed Yusuf charged after doing burnouts on Broadway

19-year-old Mahomed Yusuf was driving his red Dodge Charge on Broadway late Tuesday night as he did 9 “burn-outs” in ten minutes on Broadway, filling the streets with smoke. An officer noticed the smoke and conducted a traffic stop after he failed to stop at 4th & Commerce. The rear tires of the vehicle were balding past the wear bars and the inner wheel wells had begun to melt. Yusuf was taken into custody and charged with reckless driving.