Jeffrey Mansir beats girlfriend with Yankee candle, strangles dog during argument

42-year-old Jeffrey Mansir was seen assaulting his girlfriend, Erin Ulvund, at an Ewing Drive residence on June 1st. Officers arrived on the scene and spoke with a neighbor who claimed they saw a naked woman yelling for help from the residence. Officers then went and spoke with Ulvund, who told officers that she and Mansir had gotten into a verbal altercation that turned physical. Ulvund told officers that following the argument, she went upstairs to separate but returned to apologize. Ulvund had held Mansir onto the couch to apologize, and he pushed her off of him, causing Ulvund to hit her head against the coffee table while falling. Ulvund then continued arguing with Mansir, accusing him of cheating before taking his phone upstairs into the bathroom. Mansir then entered the bathroom, pushing Ulvund against the wall by her neck, asking if she was recording him. Ulvund told officers that Mansir then demanded the video as well as the username and password for her Apple ID account. Ulvund told Mansir that she did not record him, but he did not believe her. Mansir then pulled Ulvund onto the bed and held her down before he started striking her in the face with a Yankee Candle. This caused severe bruising and swelling to her face.

Ulvund informed officers that Mansir told her, “I don’t want to go back to jail. I have to murder you,” before he grabbed a drill bit and put it to her neck. Mansir also held the drill bit to their dog’s neck as well as choking it, telling Ulvund that he would kill the dog. Ulvund told officers that her phone was shattered during the altercation. Ulvund ran outside and screamed for help in the front yard, getting her neighbor’s attention. Mansir then went outside and dragged Ulvund back into the house before she ran out to the residence’s backyard to yell for help again. Ulvund made it to her car and then fled the scene. Mansir was not on the scene when officers arrived, and while speaking with Ulvund, they were alerted of Mansir’s vehicle. Officers initiated a traffic stop on Mansir’s vehicle near an intersection of Ewing Drive and Brick Church. Officers spoke with Mansir, who stated that he and Ulvund argued earlier, but Ulvund was drunk while high on cocaine. Mansir told officers that she tried to apologize, but he pushed her, which caused her to hit her head. Mansir then claims he tried to make amends with Ulvund, but she left the scene. Mansir claims that he left the scene to avoid any more conflict but wanted to return so he could check on his dog. Officers also observed a significant amount of blood on the bed and bathroom of the residence. Due to the injuries and statements, Mansir was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for aggravated assault, animal cruelty, vandalism, and aggravated kidnapping.

Celebrity Barber Royce Robinson throws ex-girlfriend’s cat at wall, says he “wasn’t listening”

23-year-old Celebrity Barber Royce Robinson, owner of Rollz Royce Cutz, was taken into custody for vandalism and animal cruelty on May 1st. On April 27th, Emilee Mai Wagner told officers she returned to her ex-boyfriend Royce Robinson’s residence to gather her belongings after they broke up on April 20th. Robinson told Wagner that he had gotten upset with her cat, Murphy, and threw him against a wall because he “wasn’t listening.” Murphy had multiple blood vessels in his left eye that were popped. Wagner immediately took Murphy to the vet, concerned about brain injury. The vet told Wagner that Murphy had a partial retinal tear but did not believe he had any broken bones. The vet visit and treatment came out to approximately $662. Robinson later sent Wagner $420 for Murphy’s injuries. Wagner also said she has text messages where Robinson stated that he threw Murphy into a wall. Officers then obtained warrants for Robinson’s arrest.

Juan Acosta body-slams his dog at dog park, tells witness “I am giving him a public beating!”

38-year-old Juan Acosta was taken into custody for animal cruelty on March 7th. On March 4th, the general manager of the Church Street apartments, where Acosta lives, alerted Animal Control. When Animal Control arrived, the general manager provided them with video footage, which showed Acosta at the dog park, hitting his dog with the leash and trying to control it. Then, Acosta grabbed his dog with two hands, put him on his shoulder, and body-slammed him onto the floor. Afterward, Acosta picked his companion by the neck with two hands and “choked” him for nearly five seconds. The video then shows the witness confronting Acosta, who explained to officers that he observed Acosta get on one knee, pick up the dog, and slam it on the ground. The witness explained that they heard the dog welp multiple times in pain. He said that Acosta told him, “I am giving him a public beating!” Acosta was not present when the officers arrived. MACC has confirmed that Acosta’s dog survived the ordeal and is no longer in Acosta’s care. Acosta was taken into custody for animal cruelty on March 7th.

Lisa Little charged after letting her dog starve to death

A Davidson County Grandy Jury indicted 50-year-old Lisa Diane Little for aggravated cruelty to animals on November 29th. Metro Animal Care & Control brought a case up against Little, advising she intentionally or knowingly, with no justifiable purpose, neglected to provide food or water to a companion dog, resulting in death on June 2nd. Little was taken into custody on December 11th.

Union City Pastor Ezra Johnson charged with animal cruelty after leaving dog in car while shopping

48-year-old Ezra Johnson, pastor of the Greater Bethel Church of God in Christ in Union City, TN, left his dog inside his car as he went shopping inside the Opry Mills Mall in late September. Officers responded to a call for service regarding a dog locked inside a vehicle. Mall security opened the vehicle, and officers estimated the inside temperature to be over 100 degrees. The dog did not have water, had a muzzle on, and had been inside the car for over 20 minutes. Johnson told officers that he was in the mall shopping. Johnson was cited for animal cruelty and was booked on the citation this week.

Farren Oliver kills boyfriend’s dog; attacks boyfriend with Swiffer Sweeper; destroys his car

32-year-old Farren Oliver is free on a $17,500 bond after admitting to killing her boyfriend’s dog, attacking him with a Swiffer sweeper, and taking a pry bar to his car. Police say she told Joseph Donald she was going to poison his dog, and later that evening texted him photos eating, stating she “gave him something.” He got home and took his dog to the emergency vet, where it died. He provided police with an audio recording of Oliver admitting to giving the dog Xylitol. When he was then gathering some of his things from the home to leave she hit him on the head with a Swiffer sweeper, leaving significant injury to his head, and she attacked him, leaving scratches on his body. She ran into the house and locked him out, so he then climbed through the window to continue retrieving his belongings. While he was doing that, Farren went outside with a flat pry bar and smashed his windshield, windows, and tail lights. A ring video doorbell captured the incident; however, Farren would not allow police to view it.

Quenesha Golden admits to leaving dog in crate for 4 weeks with no food or water

28-year-old Quenesha Golden is charged with animal cruelty after Nashville Animal Care & Control found a deceased dog in an outside crate at her residence. Police say Gold admitted to leaving the dog outside in the crate for 4 weeks with no food or water. Golden was issued a citation and was booked this week. She is free without a bond and scheduled to appear in court in January.

Leon Lewis III jailed on $80K bond after murdering a small dog at Hermitage Hotel

Metro Nashville Police say 39-year-old Leon Lewis III walked out of the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Hermitage with a small black dog on a leash and into a ditch, pulled a revolver, and shot the dog. A witness observed the small dog’s tail still wagging while he bled to death from the mouth. Lewis stated “I should’ve just let the dog go” as he was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty, felon in possession of a weapon, and aggravated reckless endangerment. He is jailed in lieu of an $80,000 bond.

Man states “this only happened because you tried to run away” while attacking ex-girlfriend

36-year-old William Lanway was charged with aggravated assault with strangulation and false imprisonment after he attacked his ex-girlfriend who he was still living with. On January 12th, officers were dispatched to Hillmeade Drive in reference to a domestic disturbance. Holly Williams stated she had recently broken up with her boyfriend, William Lanway, who had been living in her apartment for the past several months. Holly told police she had awakened to William looking through multiple drawers in the bedroom and they had started arguing. Holly walked to the kitchen to…