Quenesha Golden admits to leaving dog in crate for 4 weeks with no food or water

28-year-old Quenesha Golden is charged with animal cruelty after Nashville Animal Care & Control found a deceased dog in an outside crate at her residence. Police say Gold admitted to leaving the dog outside in the crate for 4 weeks with no food or water. Golden was issued a citation and was booked this week. She is free without a bond and scheduled to appear in court in January.

David Bishop charged with spitting on Metro Animal Control Officer who served him citation

65-year-old David Bishop is charged with spitting on a Metro Nashville Animal Control Officer. He self-booked on the assault citation on July 25. The incident, which occurred on June 28th, happened when Animal Control Officer Chelsea House was serving a citation on Bishop for a vicious animal. He refused the citation, and when she left it on the bottom step of his home, he reportedly picked up the citation paperwork and spit directly on her.

Judge sets $25K bond in Animal Cruelty case, reversing ROR by night court commissioner John Manson

After Scoop: Nashville published the story of accused animal abuser Brian Shields (Rapper _truue_savage) being set free on his own recognizance (ROR’d) by Commissioner John Manson, the District Attorney’s office filed a motion to set a bond in the case, and on Thursday Judge Holt set a $25,000 bond in the animal cruelty case, which Shields will now have to post.

Memphis man charged with horrible abuse of dog in Nashville hotel – Commissioner frees him, ROR.

Police found a bloody and severely injured dog in the elevator of a Nashville Hotel. The hotel staff was familiar with the dog and directed officers to the owner, 22-year-old Brian Shields, and his hotel room. He claims he had just given the dog to someone else and was no longer responsible. However, bloody pillows, towels, and the dog’s collar in his hotel room told a different story.