Memphis man charged with horrible abuse of dog in Nashville hotel – Commissioner frees him, ROR.

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Police found a bloody and severely injured dog in the elevator of a Nashville Hotel. The hotel staff was familiar with the dog and directed officers to the owner, 22-year-old Brian Shields, and his hotel room. He claims he had just given the dog to someone else and was no longer responsible. However, bloody pillows, towels, and the dog’s collar in his hotel room told a different story.

Brian Shields (MNPD)
Brian Shields (MNPD)

On a Friday night in January, Metro Nashville Police received a call about a very bloody and injured dog in the elevator of the Extend Stay suites on Elm Hill Pike near the airport. Staff reported the dog was still alive and white with black spots with skin disease all over its body. It was limping and had additional injuries under its neck.

The daytime manager was able to identify the owner of the dog and knew exactly which room it had been staying in, and identified Brian Shields as the dog’s owner, without hesitation. Maintenance staff corroborated Shields as the owner. Staff escorted police to the room and announced themselves, and immediately located a bloody pillow on the floor of the bathroom which was covered in dog hair. There was also a bloody towel in a chair, along with the dog’s collar. Animal control has video of the location as they surveyed the scene.

When questions, Brian Sheilds claimed he “just gave the dog to someone else, and was no longer the owner”. Police issued him a citation for animal cruelty, for which he did not appear, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. Once he was booked on that charge, he was ROR’d back to his Memphis address.

22-year-old Brian C. Shields, of Memphis TN, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on 06/19 for the outstanding citation charging him with animal cruelty. A commissioner then released him on his own recognizance until his July 9th court date in front of Judge Aaron Holt.

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