Jesus Ordaz-Herrera steals $1,200 worth of sunglasses at Opry Mills Mall

32-year-old Jesus Ordaz-Herrera stole merchandise from Sunglasses Hut at Opry Mills Mall on April 11th. After being notified, officers located him at Tangler Outlets, where he was getting into a Toyota Corolla. They then conducted a traffic stop, where they detained Ordaz-Herrera and three other individuals. During a subsequent search of the car, they found four pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut matching the description of the stolen items. The stolen sunglasses were valued at around $1,200. Ordaz-Herrera was taken into custody for theft.

18-year-old Antonio Tucker Jr. caught stealing ski masks worth $57 at Opry Mills Mall

18-year-old Antonio Lamont Tucker Jr. stole from Sun and Ski Sports in Opry Mills Mall on December 28th, 2023. A Sun and Ski Sports employee, Randi Butler, alerted the authorities, reporting that Tucker took two ski masks and put them in his pocket as he tried to exit the store. Butler stopped Tucker Jr. and recovered the two masks, totaling $57, with one being damaged by Tucker Jr. ripping the security sensor off. Tucker Jr. was cited for the incident. Tucker was booked on the citation of theft on March 7th.

Faith Wilder says she stole from Carter’s for her kid’s Christmas & apologizes to police

28-year-old Faith Wilder stole from Carter’s in Opry Mills Mall on November 24th. Officers were flagged down by Aleko Szellan, the manager at Carter’s, and advised about the incident. They observed Wilder in a store nearby, matching the description provided, and detained her. She told them, “I’m sorry,” while admitting to stealing the items for her children for Christmas. Officers noticed a prior theft she was convicted of and cited her. She was booked on the theft citation on December 19th.

Union City Pastor Ezra Johnson charged with animal cruelty after leaving dog in car while shopping

48-year-old Ezra Johnson, pastor of the Greater Bethel Church of God in Christ in Union City, TN, left his dog inside his car as he went shopping inside the Opry Mills Mall in late September. Officers responded to a call for service regarding a dog locked inside a vehicle. Mall security opened the vehicle, and officers estimated the inside temperature to be over 100 degrees. The dog did not have water, had a muzzle on, and had been inside the car for over 20 minutes. Johnson told officers that he was in the mall shopping. Johnson was cited for animal cruelty and was booked on the citation this week.

Trevon Dennis charged with giving a free moonshine sample to a minor at Opry Mills

28-year-old Trevon Dennis gave a free sample of lemon-lime moonshine alcoholic drink to a minor (under 21) at the Smiths Creek Distillery store within Opry Mills Mall, according to agents with the TABC (Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission) who were conducting compliance checks on May 16. The underage person had an ID with a birthday of 05/30/2003, making her 19 at the time of the free sample.

Jada Lucas booked after stealing costumes from the Spirit Halloween store

19-year-old Jada Lucas was booked this week on a citation from Oct 2022 after stealing from The Spirit Halloween store at Opry Mills Mall. Police spoke with the store manager Rebekah Westerlund who said she saw Lucas take two costumes from their packaging and hide them in her handbag. Lucas then left the store without paying. When the store manager confronted Lucas about the items, she removed them from her bag.

Tyler Mulldane: I’m a CIA operative that owns the Opry Mills Mall & Hotel

33-year-old Tyler Mulldane told police he was a working CIA operative, and that he was the owner of the Opry Mills Mall & Gaylord Opryland Hotel when he was found trespassing on their property on February 26. Security had asked Mulldane to leave the property, but he refused, demanding he owned the property. Officers took him into custody and jailed him on a criminal trespassing charge.

Zumiez employees say Rayburn Hollis kept “getting bigger” as he packed on stolen clothing in dressing room

Employees at Zumiez at Opry Mills Mall say 37-year-old Rayburn Hollis was “acting real nice” to everyone as he browsed the clothing store last July… so much that employees were paying extra attention to him as he entered the dressing room. An employee tells police he “came out much large than he went into the dressing room.” As Hollis attempted to exit the store he was approached by employees and after a lot of “back and forth” he gave up $141 in clothing he had attached to himself in an attempt to steal. Hollis was issued a state citation for theft, for which he never appeared, and he was booked on the outstanding warrant this week.

Angela Riley caught stuffing her pants at Bass Pro Shops | Opry Mills

39-year-old Angela Riley is charged with theft after police say she was caught on video stuffing merchandise down her pants at the Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. Security detained Riley and contacted Metro Nashville Police. She has a history of shoplifting, according to officers. She is free on a $2,500 bond.

Converse employee charged with stealing customer’s debit card — Marem Youssef

Police say 19-year-old Marem Youssef pocketed the debit card of a customer after checking her out at the Converse store at Opry Mills. When the customer reported the suspected theft, officers reviewed the camera footage and observed Youssef take the card. She apologized and returned the card while the footage was being reviewed.

She is charged with theft and issued a citation, for which she self-booked this week.