Jesus Ordaz-Herrera steals $1,200 worth of sunglasses at Opry Mills Mall

32-year-old Jesus Ordaz-Herrera stole merchandise from Sunglasses Hut at Opry Mills Mall on April 11th. After being notified, officers located him at Tangler Outlets, where he was getting into a Toyota Corolla. They then conducted a traffic stop, where they detained Ordaz-Herrera and three other individuals. During a subsequent search of the car, they found four pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut matching the description of the stolen items. The stolen sunglasses were valued at around $1,200. Ordaz-Herrera was taken into custody for theft.

18-year-old Antonio Tucker Jr. caught stealing ski masks worth $57 at Opry Mills Mall

18-year-old Antonio Lamont Tucker Jr. stole from Sun and Ski Sports in Opry Mills Mall on December 28th, 2023. A Sun and Ski Sports employee, Randi Butler, alerted the authorities, reporting that Tucker took two ski masks and put them in his pocket as he tried to exit the store. Butler stopped Tucker Jr. and recovered the two masks, totaling $57, with one being damaged by Tucker Jr. ripping the security sensor off. Tucker Jr. was cited for the incident. Tucker was booked on the citation of theft on March 7th.

Zachary Owen says he can break into Opry Mills Mall because his family are all country singers.

40-year-old Zachary Owen told police he was attempting to enter Opry Mills Mall at 1:30 a.m. on February 6 to “hang out inside” and that he’s allowed on the property because “all his family are country singers.” Mall Security had caught him inside the mall after-hours the previous day and escorted him off the property. Owen was transported to booking and charged with criminal trespass.

Nevaeh Knight goes on clothing rampage in H&M store at Opry Mills Mall

20-year-old Neveah Knight was inside the H&M store at the Opry Mills Mall on January 3rd when police say she became upset and went into a rage for an unknown reason. She was throwing clothes around inside the store and acting extremely disorderly. Staff asked her to leave the store, and she refused. Police responded to the store, and she was issued a citation for criminal trespass and escorted from the property. She was booked on that citation this week.

Paul Aniel arrested again, after accidentally flagging down unmarked police car to run his scam – then flees from scene

53-year-old Paul Aniel was charged with driving while license revoked, pedestrian solicitation and evading arrest when he dangerously peeled away from officers on the Opry Mills exit ramp this week after unknowingly flagging down an undercover officer with his well-known scam.