Man found at Nashville Airport with 12 pounds of magic mushroom chocolate bars — Jimelle James

28-year-old Jimelle James, of Atlanta, was found at the Nashville International Airport late Tuesday with 98 psilocybin mushroom chocolate bars, commercially packaged as containing 5 grams each of premium shrooms – all weighing 12.2 pounds in total, 3 bags of commercially packaged marijuana weighing 7.89 oz, and 100 bags labeled ‘Kush Factory’. He’s facing multiple drugs charges for which a night court commissioner set his bond at $42,000, and he posted 5 hours after being booked.

MNPD Street Racing Initiative results in arrests, citations, and fireworks shot at a police helicopter.

Overnight, MNPD conducted the “Street Racer” initiative resulting in multiple arrests, fireworks shot at a helicopter, a large number of fireworks seized, multiple violations and citations, one towed vehicle, and one that got away from police.

AGG ROBBERY ARREST: Robert Carden & a $55,425 Icebox Custom K Crown & Chain

Robert Carden was arrested on Tuesday morning, and charged with felony aggravated robbery. He is accused of robbing the victim, at gunpoint (and possibly drugging) of a 10 carat yellow gold ‘Icebox’ custom ‘K Crown’ pendant on a 10 carat yellow gold chain with diamonds. The combined value is $55,425. According to the victim’s statement, on 01/27/18, the two were went from one club to another drinking together, eventually arriving up in Carden’s apartment complex, although he doesn’t remember how he got there. He doesn’t remember giving anyone his keys, and…