Bernardo Macias: “I’m an accountant who makes $95K a year, I did nothing wrong at all!”

28-year-old Bernardo ‘Bernie’ Macias was jailed on April 8th after becoming irate when EMS wouldn’t let him on the ambulance with his intoxicated brother. His friend started pushing him away, saying, “Bro, don’t do this; let’s go.” Bernado started shoving his friend back, and that’s when the police placed him into custody. The friend did not wish to prosecute; he just wanted his friend to leave and for EMS to transport the brother to the hospital. Bernardo was unsteady on his feet, slurring his words, and smelled strongly of alcohol. He told police several times that he was an accountant at US Bank, had a bachelor’s degree in finance, made $95,000 a year, and did nothing wrong at all.

DUI: Kyle Meek crashes into yard, tells residents he has to “get out of here before cops arrive” #RunKyleRun

Late Thursday night, several witnesses observed 37-year-old accountant Kyle Meek crash into a yard and fence in a residential area. They reportedly overhead Meed saying he needed to get out of the area “before the cops arrived”, and was openly admitting he was drinking alcohol prior to driving. He was still on scene when officers arrived and stated he was attempting to drive to his girlfriend’s house for a camping trip when he “missed a curve” and didn’t remember anything after that. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated he drink 2 “very strong” Gin & Tonic drinks an hour before the crash. #RunKyleRun

Sharon Heaton found passed out in front of stranger’s apartment door she thought was her own

Metro Police say 24-year-old Sharon Heaton was trying to enter an apartment that wasn’t hers on Sunday. The actual resident of the apartment believed someone was attempting to break into their home and called 911. Officers arrived to find Heaton passed out on the ground in front of the apartment door. She eventually regained some awareness, but was still extremely intoxicated and was a danger to herself and others. She refused medical services, and with no one else to care for her, was booked into jail, charged with public intoxication.