Andre Reveles charged with DUI while driving to get his grandmother a soda

24-year-old Andre Reveles crashed his grandmother’s Silver Ford Focus on Strasser Dr late Tuesday night. Police arrived to the location where Andre had moved the vehicle across from the telephone pole he struck and spoke with him. He said he was getting his grandma a soda but admitted to drinking “2 or 3 beers” before driving. Police described him as smelling like alcohol and had him perform sobriety tests. After he showed indications of intoxication, he consented to a blood sample and was placed into custody.

Karina Medina charged in DUI and dramatic domestic assault of family

26-year-old Karina Medina reportedly drove to her mother’s house drunk, tussled with her brother, and told police that he threatened her and her mother’s life. On July 27th, around 6:30 pm, police arrived at Sam Boney Dr. after receiving a call from a hysterical, yelling woman, saying that someone was trying to kill her. They arrived and met Karina, sitting in her boyfriend’s running Jeep outside, with empty airplane alcohol bottles inside, and she smelled strongly of alcohol. Karina was uncooperative and hysterical, with a cut on her forehead. She kept trying to push past the police to reenter the house.

Inside the home, police spoke to her mother, Rose Castillo, who said that Karian had arrived to pick up her mail. Rose said that she told her to stay outside while she grabbed something for Karina inside due to her not residing at that house. Karina ignored Rose and entered the home; Jorge, the victim is Karina’s brother, was in the shower. A comment was made by Karina about Jorge’s son, and he retorted that she did not care about his son, which caused Karina to grab him out of the shower. She pulled him out of the shower, hit him, and they fell into the hallway, where she positioned herself on top of him. Jorge regained control by getting on top of Karina and holding her down with his leg across her stomach to keep her from causing further injury to him or herself.

Karina told police that she resides in and owns the home; further investigation proved to police that she lives in another residence with her boyfriend. She also told police that Jorge grabbed, strangled, and fought with her until they fell out of the front door, but no injuries were consistent with these claims. She was transported to Vanderbilt for her injury, during which time police said that she changed her story several times and that there is a history of domestic violence between her and Jorge. After police checked the records, they found no cases of domestic violence between the two of them or with their mother. Rose and Jorge’s accounts of the incident, coupled with Karina’s hysterical behavior, caused police to believe that she was the primary aggressor.

DUI: Kyle Meek crashes into yard, tells residents he has to “get out of here before cops arrive” #RunKyleRun

Late Thursday night, several witnesses observed 37-year-old accountant Kyle Meek crash into a yard and fence in a residential area. They reportedly overhead Meed saying he needed to get out of the area “before the cops arrived”, and was openly admitting he was drinking alcohol prior to driving. He was still on scene when officers arrived and stated he was attempting to drive to his girlfriend’s house for a camping trip when he “missed a curve” and didn’t remember anything after that. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and stated he drink 2 “very strong” Gin & Tonic drinks an hour before the crash. #RunKyleRun

OnlyFans model Mira Kloepfel overdosed on Fentanyl while a child was in the backseat of the vehicle

23-year-old Mira Sean Kloepfel is charged with child endangerment (under eight years of age) and drug possession after police say she overdosed inside of a vehicle while a child was in the back seat. Once revived with Narcan, Kloepfel admitted she was using Fentanyl mixed with Xanax, which police found the remainder of inside her purse. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $27,500.

Trio charged after downtown Nashville brawl, including father & son from Alabama

Metro Police say a trio of folks were all fighting the streets of downtown Nashville last weekend, disrupting both traffic and citizens attempting to use the crosswalks. 18-year-old Brody Presnall, of Alabama, told officers 39-year-old David Castillo pushed him and called him names, and that’s why Brody pushed him back and punched him in the face and began to fight, despite officers giving multiple commands to stop. Brody’s father, 44-year-old Clint Presnall, also got involved when he observed his son getting pushed and engaged in the fight with his son against Castillo.

DUI: “Do Thang” arrested after “doing his thing” outside a Nashville Home

Metro Police responded to Raywood Lane after a citizen called in to report a car with a person inside had been parked in front of their home for several hours. Police identified 35-year-old Do Thang inside the vehicle with the keys in the ignition, his belt undone, and his pants unzipped. Officer reported he had snot running down his face and was extremely intoxicated with three open Clubtails Sunny Margarita Cans visible in the car.

Teen found in stolen car that breaks down hours later; mom says not so fast, son — Zyon Webb

18-year-old Zyon Webb is charged with felony automobile theft after police responded to a vehicle blocking a lane of travel while having mechanical issues. They found the 18-year-old driving a 2014 Nissan Quest registered to a Josefina Sosa. Webb told the officer he had just purchased the vehicle this morning, however, his mother was also at the scene, and she told officers Webb had no financial means to purchase a vehicle, and there’s no way this vehicle could be his. After police were able to make contact with the vehicle owner, she confirmed the vehicle had been stolen from Antioch. Webb was booked on the outstanding warrant Thursday and remains jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

Husband assaults wife with table and punches her in face; per affidavit

66-year-old Per Maung was charged with domestic assault after his wife reported to police that he punched her in the face and pushed or threw a table at her causing her leg to bleed, per report.