Husband assaults wife with table and punches her in face; per affidavit

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66-year-old Per Maung was charged with domestic assault after his wife reported to police that he punched her in the face and pushed or threw a table at her causing her leg to bleed, per report.

On May 4th, daughters of the defendant, Per Maung, heard their parents physically fighting downstairs at their home on 336 Melpar Drive and called their friend for help, who called the police. When police arrived, one daughter told them she saw her father hit her mother in the face. Maung came upstairs when the police arrived and smelled strongly of alcohol, per report.

Per Maung (MNPD)
Per Maung (MNPD)

Maung stated he had been drinking but through an interpreter, he told police that it was only a verbal argument and he never hit her. Police then spoke to his wife, Wah Maung, who stated that he hit her in the face and pushed or threw a table at her which caused her leg to bleed. She also had a bruise under her right eye. With obvious injuries on the victim, police placed Maung into custody.

Per Maung was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set $3,000.

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