Man out on bond for kidnapping woman in vehicle is re-arrested Tuesday in stolen vehicle

Demarco Underwood, 33, who was already out on bond awaiting trial in a 2017 case where he kidnapped a woman by grabbing her and pulling her into his truck, has now been arrested while driving a stolen car late Tuesday night.

Man found asleep in stolen car, in the middle of the road, with hollow point bullets in loaded pistol & counterfeit money

Erik Hooks-Williams, 19, was arrested on Saturday, after he was found asleep in a stolen car, in the middle of a street in East Nashville, with a loaded pistol in his shorts, hollow point bullets, and counterfeit money in his car.

Latasha Jiles critically stabs man in chest while driving on interstate – 7 hour surgery endured

On Sunday, May 20th, Norman Smith was riding with Latasha “FYI” Nicole Jiles on I-65S / I-440W, when they got into a verbal altercation. Eventually the argument escalated, and Latasha “FYI” Jiles pulled a knife on Norman and began to stab him while she drove down the interstate. One of the stab wounds went through Norman’s chest, per a police report, causing a very serious injury. Jiles then stopped teh vehicle and told Norman to get out, and he exited the vehicle, and managed to climb down an enbankment near…

ARREST: Rejoyce Martin, It’s a RENTAL car… you can’t keep it! #StolenCar

There’s a curious things about rental cars – you have to return them. Apparently that concept was lost on Rejoyce Martin, as she kept her renal car so long, and refused to return it, that Enterprise Rent-A-Car reported it as stolen. Rejoyce Martin was not rejoicing when she walked to 7th St near Dew in East Nashville (Caycee Homes) and saw MNPD at her 2017 Nissan Altima. The car had been reported stolen by Enterprise at BNA some time ago, as Rejoyce rented it and refused to return it. When…