Nashville attorney arrested; charged with lying to Metro Police

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Nashville Attorney Newton Holiday, III, told Metro Police his vehicle was stolen by a woman he had “let stay at his house for the weekend”, however a confidential informant recorded a call with Holiday, where admits it was all a lie. The woman was Newton’s girlfriend and client.

If you’re not familiar with Newton Holiday, in 2017, he was nominated by Metro Council Member Ed Kindall to replace former Nashville judge Casey Moreland. Also, his Tennessee law license was suspended in 2008 for “failure to respond to a complaint of ethical misconduct” but was reinstated two months later.

Metro Police say that Holiday called them in August of 2018 to report that his 2003 BMW 3251 had been stolen. Holiday stated the vehicle was stolen by “a woman he had let stay at his house for the weekend”. He told police she “took the keys from inside of his home and took the vehicle on 08/05/2018”. Newton told police he waited a few days before filing the report on the chance that she would bring the vehicle back to him. Newton told Officer Oneal the female was just a friend and that there was no domestic relationship between them, and officer listed the vehicle as stolen.

Newton Holiday III (MNPD)

Shortly after, Officer Heinze and Grunow located Holiday’s ‘stolen’ BMW. They called Holiday and he stated he would come get the vehicle. Mr. Holiday arrived at  the Claiborne Drive location and identified the female as the one who stole his vehicle, and she was charged with the theft of the vehicle, which was later dismissed.

After the arrest, Metro police received a video recording of a call placed between a confidential source, to a confirmed number belonging to Newton Holiday, which revealed Holiday had lied about the relationship to have her arrested.

Recorded call from CS (confidential source) to Holiday:

CS: “I talked to <victim’s nickname>”
Holiday: “Oh, you did?”
CS: “She was worried about ‘all this stuff’. She should be OK in court, shouldn’t she?”
Holiday: “she should, they wanted me to testify but everything got continued because they had a trial”
CS: “what did they want you to testify about?”
Holiday: “just about her taking the car”
CS: “did you tell them you was dating and everything was OK?”
Holiday: “yea I told the DA that”
CS: “it was a blessing and you ain’t going to get in no trouble, are you?
Holiday: “I hope not. Plus they can’t ask me nothing because of my attorney client privilege.”

Indeed, Holiday has represented his girlfriend as his client on multiple occasions. Metro Police say based on the investigation, the recording of the call, and Holiday’s own statements, they believe he was in a dating relationship with the female he claimed stole his car, and that she had lawful access to the vehicle, despite him telling police they were not.

Newton Holiday, III, age 62, was arrested and charged with felony filing a false report. He was booked into a Nashville jail at 3:37 a.m. Monday, and has since posted a $2,500 bond via Free-At-Last Bonding. He is scheduled to appear in court in late May.

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