Metro Police arrest man for ‘resisting arrest’, but no other crime. Case dismissed after 36 hours in jail.

33-year-old Daniel Cates sat in a Nashville jail from Saturday night, until late Monday morning, with a $500.00 bond. Late Monday morning, his case was dismissed by prosecutors. He had no prior arrest history in Nashville, and wasn’t given pre-trial release. He was charged solely with ‘resisting arrest’, with no other charge to be arrested for. Police say they were dispatched to the AT&T store on West End Avenue, in response to a disorderly person call. Store employees say that Cates had threatened to assault them with a metal sewer…

Citizen saves MNPD Officer who says she was in fear after suspect said “Bitch I’ll kick your ass” & took fighting stance

In a sworn arrest warrant, MNPD Officer Meghan McKeown charged 23-year-old Kelsey Erny with assault of an officer, after Officer McKeown says she felt “in fear of an assault” when the 23-year-old turned into a fighting stance and said “Bitch, I’ll kick your ass”. 

SCOOP: Witness to Antioch murder says she told MNPD shots came from Audi, was ignored, not believed.

SCOOP: It was 21 hours after Kevin Steward was shot and killed before MNPD got the correct suspects and their vehicle information out to the public. However, a witness to the murder that attempted CPR on the victim, told police the shots were fired from a black Audi shortly after it happened – and she says they ignored her, even called her a liar, as they put out the wrong information to the public, not correcting it for nearly 21 hours after the murder

What’s a 3rd Shift MNPD Officer Do All Night? Snapchat Women & Complain of Boredom.

One of MNPD’s new officers, sworn to ‘protect and serve’ spent dozens of hours during a recent overnight rotation, serving his personal interests, of posting to social media about how boring his MNPD job was, how he couldn’t stay awake, and finding women to snapchat him while he patrolled Midtown.

How One MNPD Officer Turned a Mental Health Crisis Into Multiple Felonies

MNPD responded to a mental health crisis and turned a misdemeanor charge into 3 felony charges for bribery of an officer, from a defendant who was “bipolar”, “talking to herself” and suffering from a “mental disability” per their own officer’s report – increasing bail from $5,000 to $50,000.

Percy Priest nets 2nd BUI Arrest for Memorial Day Weekend. Shane Mains Arrested #OnABoat

Barely 24 hours after the first BUI (Boating Under the Influence) arrest of Memorial Day weekend, we now have our second. Shane Allen Mains was arrested Saturday night on Percy Priest Lake after it was determined he had drank at least 6 alcoholic drinks, and was under the influence of  “a lot” of different medications, of which he couldn’t name. Per the incident report, while officers were patrolling Percy Priest Lake late Saturday evening, they noticed a vessel stop in the middle of the lake when he saw the patrol boat.…

MNPD Keeping It Petty: Man Arrested for ‘Gambling’ and ‘Possession of Dice’ in East Nashville

On Thursday, 09/07/17, Metro Police arrested Timothy Robinson after observing him ‘shooting dice in a group’ on the 1900 block of 12th Ave N. He was charged with Gambling, Possession of a Gambling Device (Dice), and evading arrest. According to a police affidavit: “The defendant was observed in front of 1901 12th Av. N. shooting dice in a group. Upon making contact with the defendant he fled on foot into the back alley. The defendant was apprehended on the next street over, in front of 1900 14th Av. N. Officers…

ARRESTS: 2 Felons w/3 Guns & Drugs in Stolen Vehicle: Keith Addy & Demarcus Davis

On Friday, Keith Drarell Addy(26) and Demarcus L Davis(29) were arrested for multiple charges, including being felons in possession of guns, as 3 handguns were recovered from the vehicle they were in, along with charges for the stolen car they were in, and 75 grams of marijuana. RECOVERED: 75.8 grams marijuana .45 cal Springfield Arms, loaded w/round chambered 9mm Masterpiece Arms, loaded w/round chambered .38 special, 2 rounds in the cylinder Vehicle: gray Hyundai Sonata  (stolen)   CHARGES FOR ADDY, KEITH – $127,500 BOND: HOLD OR USE ALTERED OR FALSE…

East Nashville Prostitution Arrest: The $27 Blow Job & Smoking Crack Inside A Cop Car

Tonya Dawn Burgess, 38, will appear in Davidson County General Sessions Court on Tuesday to answer to her 11th charge for prostitution in Nashville. For her most recent arrest, a MNPD undercover detective solicited Burgess to engage in a “sexual act” for $27, and she agreed, according to the arrest affidavit. Of her numerous Nashville arrests, over 40 in total, perhaps her most notable was perhaps in 2014 when the arresting officer put her in the back of his police cruiser, started the drive to booking, and mid-way there, Tonya…