Uber driver charged for transporting man selling Heroin & Fentanyl, agents exposed during arrest

MNPD, Lebanon PD, and the WCSO all worked together to take down 30-year-old heroin distributor Isaiah Richard Gates Tuesday, and his uber driver, Tariku Bulit, after a long-term investigation. During the arrest, Gates ripped open a large bag of powder heroin in an attempt to destroy the evidence, and several officers were exposed to the the heroin.

CMA Fan Mistakes Police Car for Uber & Hops In. Asks Officer to Drive; He takes her to jail.

Herron climbed in and shut the door, locking herself in the police car. She told officer Large the address she wanted to go to and ask that he start the ride. Officer Large asked his new passenger if she knew where she was, to which she replied “yes, you’re my Uber”.

Fired Lyft Driver Lee Lazarus gets job w/Postmates, Delivers to Lyft Office, Gets Upset, Spits on Guard & Gets Arrested

Remember the Lyft Driver, Lee Lazarus, who was terminated from the platform for kicking a passenger out of his vehicle after we publicized that the true reason was the passenger refused to tip him for an extra stop? He even went on Fox17 to plead his case about how great of a person he was, and would never act that way. Lee Lazarus began driving for Postmates after he was terminated from Lyft, and was arrested overnight on an assault charge just after 9PM, related to a yet another incident…

Nashville Lyft Driver calls 911 on Black Passenger Who Refuses to Give $5 Cash Tip

Nashville Lyft driver Lee Lazarus was driving for Lyft when he picked up a passenger earlier this month in Nashville. He picked up the passenger at the Airport, and the passenger needed to stop and get liquor and cigarettes, a very common request for someone just coming into town, and Lyft even allows for stops to be added, and recommends they stay under 10 minutes to be considerate of the driver’s time (drivers do get paid for this time, just at a lower rate than if they were driving). UPDATE:…