Mario Greer charged in sexual assault of hotel employee where he worked as a valet

25-year-old Mario Greer is accused of sexually assaulting an employee of the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Nashville, where he worked as a valet. The victim says that on March 5, Greer, who she only vaguely knew as someone who worked in the building, followed her into the service elevator after her lunch break. She says he put her in a “bear hug” from behind and she could feel his erect member through his pants. He reportedly fondled her breasts and buttocks before she was able to break away. Officers documented bruising on her arm, and a warrant was issued for Greer’s arrest.

DUI: Randy Arnold crashed on interstate, gets into wife’s vehicle in attempt to avoid arrest

39-year-old Randy Arnold faces a third DUI charge after crashing his 2020 Toyota Tundra into a retaining wall on I-40 in the early hours of Saturday morning. A witness to the crash observed Arnold exit his crashed vehicle and eventually enter the passenger side of a black Infinity SUV which arrived, driven by his wife. When officers arrived, he was still in the passenger side of his wife’s vehicle and refused to answer any questions regarding the wrecked truck. After verifying the registration, officers again spoke to Arnold, who eventually admitted he was driving during the crash. As he exited his wife’s vehicle, he had trouble standing, reeked of alcohol, and was visibly intoxicated. He refused all testing, but a warrant was granted for his blood. He has a prior DUI charge in Nashville that was reduced and another in Murfreesboro, of which he was convicted. He also did not have the required ignition interlock device in this vehicle at the time of the crash.

Collin Russell attempts to flirt with Vanderbilt officer, throws water bottle and flees

18-year-old Collin Russell was reportedly driving recklessly on the roof level of a Vanderbilt parking garage on May 26. When a campus officer arrived to investigate, Officer Kylie Burr says Russell pulled up beside her and asked how much she made and if she enjoyed her job. He then drives away quickly and nearly hits a wall. As she goes to advise them to slow down, Russell threw a bottle of water at her and sped away. Nearby officers responded and located Russell and a passenger in an older model Cadillac near the garage entrance. Russell admitted to throwing the bottle at the officer.

Giovanni Bolstad charged with DUI with a handgun after late-night crash

21-year-old Giovanni Bolstad told police he had “one or two beers” at a bar before being involved in a crash on I-40 West in the early hours of Saturday morning. He reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. As he was being taken into custody for DUI, a search of his person revealed a loaded Ruger LCP .380 in his pocket. He later blew a 0.150% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Fashion Blogger Krysta Powell charged in $26K heist of Birkin bag, Hublot watch, Versace silk shirt

35-year-old Krysta Powell is free on a $25,000 bond after police say she and a man entered the Luxury Label store on Crestmoor Road and walked out with a Hermes Birkin bag, a Hublot watch, and a Versace silk shirt, valued at $26,900 in total. Video footage shows them asking to see items up closed and leaving an area with the items concealed on them. Krysta is a fashion blogger and micro-influencer who recommends products on her social media accounts and earns referrals from the sales she generates.

Sawyer Swindle deemed too drunk for Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa in downtown Nashville

Staff at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa say 21-year-old Sawyer Swindle was trespassing at their location and was extremely intoxicated. He had been asked to leave multiple times and refused to do so, and Metro Nashville police were called to the scene. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and criminal trespass.

Man strangles boyfriend; breaks turn-signal & wiper levers from steering column of his car — Nyitrell Debardelaben

23-year-old Nyitrell Debardelaben was driving on Gallatin Pike when he got into an argument with his lover, Jordan Stone. Nyitrell, who goes by the nickname ‘Moo Moo’ on social media, stopped the car and went into a business. When he came back outside, Jordan says Nyitrell reached through the passenger-side window, grabbed his shirt, clawed at his face, and strangled him with one of his hands. As Jordan called 911, Nyitrell returned to the driver’s side of the vehicle and broke off the levers from the steering column that operated the turn signals and the windshield wipers. Police arrived and documented bruising and cuts on the victim’s neck and face.

George Michael McGee charged in domestic assault of girlfriend during an argument over keys

Police say 30-year-old George McGee asked for the keys to his girlfriend’s vehicle so he could take it to work, but she advise he should take his own car, instead. His girlfriend, Latece Jarvis, was holding her keys during this conversation and says he attempted to take the keys from her, and the two “tussled” over the keys, and he caused her to sustain a cut to her thumb, which was documented by police. He is charged with domestic assault.

“My lawyer is going to be mad at me”… says Rebecca Moss, charged with DUI

34-year-old Rebecca Moss was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Friday night after a traffic stop resulted in her arrest. Officers initially pulled her over for failing to maintain her lane of travel, and once stopped, quickly realized she was driving under the influence. Officers noted an open pint of whiskey in the cup holder next to her, and when she was asked to step out of the vehicle, she climbed completely over the console and out the passenger side door, while exclaiming how mad her lawyer was going to be at her. Moss was charged with having an open container, and DUI 2nd, and is free on pre-trial release.

DUI 2nd: Man admits to drinking ‘several beers’ before speeding alongside THP trooper — Frankie Messinger

36-year-old Frank ‘Frankie’ Messinger Jr. was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail over the holiday weekend after he was doing 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-40 while passing a state trooper. After he was pulled over he admitted to drinking ‘several beers’ prior to driving, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He was previously convicted of DUI in 2016, so he was charged with DUI 2nd and transported to booking. He is free on pre-trial release.