Shelley Schroeder charged with sexually assaulting woman at Legends Corner downtown

52-year-old Shelley Schroeder is charged with sexually assaulting another woman at Legends Corner in downtown Nashville. The victim. Rebecca Orlich, says she was standing and listening to music when she felt a hand go up under her skirt and “palm” her buttocks. As she spun around, she observed Schroeder standing behind her, along with a male companion. The male stated: “just leave her alone, she’s drunk”. Police were called to the scene and witnesses corroborated the events.

A Nashville first date goes horribly wrong, and it’s not the first time — Daniel Sassano arrested

A woman says she went on a first date with 29-year-old Danny Sassano this weekend, and they were at her house in the bed when Sassano began making sexual advances on her, touching her all over. She told him she did not want to have sex that night and asked him to leave, at which time he reportedly became very irate and shoved her in the chest, leaving visible abrasions. Police placed Sassano into custody, but only charged him with domestic assault, as Sex Crimes Detectives stated there was not enough probable cause for sexual assault warrants. Officers also discovered he had an outstanding warrant from another incident in which a woman told him to leave her residence and he grabbed her phone from the bedside table and ran water over it so she could not call 911, then tossed her to the ground. [may more details in story]

18-year-old charged with groping 14-year-old victim on school bus — John Demonte Crutcher

18-year-old John Demonte Crutcher was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Friday, charged with the sexual battery of a 14-year-old female victim on a school bus in November. Crutcher admitted to “groping” the young girl’s breast and said he shouldn’t have touched her. The victim says he placed his hand on her thigh while sitting next to her on the school bus, stared at his hand, and stated “to grab or not to grab” before grabbing her. She pushed him away, and the incident was confirmed by a witness. Crutcher is free on a $1,000 bond.

Texas tourist issued assault citation, accused of smacking hotel housekeeper’s ass: Bobby Koricanek

54-year-old Bobby Koricanek, who owns multiple businesses in Texas, visited Nashville in May and stayed at the DoubleTree Hotel, where he was positively identified as the man who let a housekeeper into his hotel room, then “smacked her on the ass” in a sexual assault. Instead of arresting him, Metro Police simply issued him a citation for assault, on which he eventually was booked this week.

Man bites, strangles, and punches woman before sexual assault

24-year-old Ahmed Alawi was charged with aggravated assault after he grew jealous of a woman he went out with talking to another man.

53-year-old man charged with 3 counts of rape of a child under 13

53-year-old Reginald Williamson was charged with 3 counts of rape of a child under 13-years-old after a recorded controlled phone call between him and the victim’s mother was conducted and he admitted to committing the atrocious acts.

17-year-old with ankle monitor charged in crime spree against rideshare drivers, incl attempted murder

17-year-old Reginald Williams, Jr., who was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of his arrest, is charged in a crime spree against multiple rideshare drivers, to include the sexual assault of one and the attempted murder of another.

THP Officer accused of ordering strip & cavity searches on multiple women at Nissan Stadium

Multiple female employees of Legends Hospitality, who provide services for Nissan Stadium during Titans games, have now come forward and filed lawsuits, alleging that law enforcement officers held them captive while they were stripped, and sometimes sexually assaulted, after Titans games near the ‘money room’, located with the bowels of the stadium. One of the victims filed a lawsuit in Nashville’s circuit court under a pseudonym to protect her privacy, another filed just three weeks ago in federal U.S. District Court alleging civil rights violations, and Scoop: Nashville has been in…

Grand Jury adds new charges to Nashville Monk accused in sex abuse of 16-year-old boy

Sayasith Sitthipanyo, a 58-year-old Nashville Monk at the Wat Lao Xaoput Buddhist Temple, now faces 22 felony charges after he was arrested in June and charged with several counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and displaying sex acts to a minor, who was a then 16-year-old boy who the monk sometimes paid for work around the temple.