Man assaults two women including the mother of his child over the course of several months

27-year-old Tremaine Stem was charged with assault, burglary, vandalism, theft, and harassment after he assaulted two women and damaged property owned by his child’s mother.

Teen charged after girlfriend says she sat in driveway for hours before strangling her

19-year-old Johna Foxx was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation when her girlfriend told officers she sat in her sister’s driveway for hours and when she went to talk, Foxx grabbed her by the throat and began striking her in the face.

Woman strangles ex to edge of consciousness over air conditioner

31-year-old Rodnea Mason was charged with aggravated assault when a woman and two witnesses told authorities she strangled her ex in a fight over an air conditioner that started while they were on a porch listening to music.

Man strangles, hits, and bites mother while she is sitting on the toilet

28-year-old Shelby Toosi was charged with aggravated assault after he strangled, hit, and bit his mother while she was sitting on the toilet, per report.

Man strangles girlfriend; throws her and their child against the walls of the apartment

44-year-old Jammie Cosby was charged with domestic and aggravated assault by strangulation after getting physical with the mother of his son and their minor child when the boy tried to help his mother.

Man said “I want to see you dead, I’m not afraid of police, It would be worth it” after strangling wife

23-year-old Francisco Garcia was charged with aggravated assault after strangling and threatening his wife in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

“If you don’t sit down I’ll break your MF’ing neck… I’ll hang your ass”; says man to victim

62-year-old Julius Mcclellan was charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and interference with a 911 call when he trapped a woman in the house and brandished a belt while telling her, “If you don’t sit down I’ll break your motherf***ing neck. I’ll hang your ass.”

Chili sauce-covered man strangled by his angry ex-girlfriend

27-year-old Zoey Stabbs was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and vandalism after she ripped off her ex-boyfriend’s clothes and scratched him after an argument. When he tried to escape, she threw a drink at his car, threatened to put sugar in his gas tank, scratched his car with a knife, and poured chili sauce on him.

Messy room complaint ends in strangulation

Suzanne Crotty

60-year-old Suzanne Crotty was charged with strangling her roommate, Ian Frey, May 26, 2020, after Frey complained about Crotty not cleaning his room for him.

North Nashville man beats, strangles ex-lover for phone

37-year-old Daniel Cox was charged with assault, false imprisonment and aggravated assault in the form of strangulation. Cox’s charges stem from a dispute between ex-lovers that began at Cox’s residence and ended at a Shell gas station 20 miles away.