“Calm down!” man tells wife while holding her against the floor with his arm around her neck

36-year-old J Samuel Spurlock is charged with felony aggravated assault/strangulation after police say he placed an arm across his wife’s stomach, another against her neck, and applied pressure until they were on the ground with his arm around her neck, telling her to “CALM DOWN!” after she confronted him over an email on his phone.

Quarrel at Beer Sellar results in assaulted roommate

31-year-old Matthew Broome was charged with domestic assault after an altercation with his brother at the Beer Cellar Bar resulted in shoving his roommate, Amber Sauls, to the ground when attempting to separate the two.

East Nashville woman punches and scratches ex-roommate

21-year-old Sarai Spiers was charged with domestic assault after attacking her former roommate while she was sitting on her porch that required an additional person to separate them.