Ross Wilkerson bounced from Whiskey Row for being drunk and disorderly in downtown Nashville

22-year-old Ross Wilkerson was arguing with his girlfriend at Whiskey Row on Broadway in downtown Nashville Sunday when security eventually escorted him out of the venue for being disorderly and disturbing other patrons. He encountered MNPD Officers outside, who noted he reeked of alcohol and was swaying and unsteady on his feet. Due to his behavior and level of intoxication, Wilkerson was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. 

DUI: Hawkin Thomasson, 19, found passed out behind the wheel; blows 0.199% BAC

19-year-old Hawkin Thomasson was found passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle on R. S. Gass Blvd, at the Medical Examiner’s Office. A citizen was the first person to find him and removed the keys from his vehicle and woke him up by shaking him. As first responders arrived, they got Thomasson out of the vehicle, and he admitted to drinking at least two vodka-based drinks before driving. He was transported to booking for DUI, where he blew a 0.199% BAC, more than double the legal limit in Tennessee. Thomasson messaged Scoop: Nashville unprompted to make sure we knew that he would not give consent for us to post his mugshot or story in our news. Hi, Hawkin.

Nicholas Conrad walks away from DUI crash, asks officers if he can just “sleep it off?”

29-year-old Nicholas Conrad crashed his vehicle on Ellington Parkway early Wednesday morning and then began walking down the roadway away from the scene. Officers located him as they were responding to the call, near Broadmoor Drive & Ellington Parkway. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and was very unsteady on his feed. In his possession, while walking, were not only the keys to his Nissan Versa, but he also brought the owner’s manual along for the walk. Though Conrad refused all field sobriety testing, he admitted he “made a mistake” and asked officers if he could just “sleep it off?”

Dustin Christopher Slade, downtown: drunk, fought, fled, freed.

Officers working the EDI (Entertainment District Initiative) in downtown Nashville Friday observed 32-year-old Dustin Christopher Slade in a fight with another person at 5th & Broadway. While the other party didn’t wish to prosecute for the assault, officers determined Slade was too intoxicated to care for himself and attempted to place him into custody for public intoxication. Initially, Slade ran from the scene; however, officers were able to catch up with him a short distance away.

Correy Blevins charged after pulling knife on girlfriend who made him flush his drugs

Kayla Templet was at a Nashville hotel with her boyfriend, 29-year-old Correy Blevins, when she says she found drugs in his belongings and forced him to flush them down the toilet, which angered him. He reportedly grabbed a knife and pointed it at her. She stated she was not going to accept this type of behavior from him and threatened to call 911.

MNPD quickly responds to teen pulling on car door of off-duty cop’s neighbor — Jacob Phillips arrested

Despite 48-hour response times for stolen cars, when an off-duty Metro Police Officer noticed a teen pulling on the door handles of her neighbor’s vehicle, the calvary was on the way. She watched 19-year-old Jacob Phillips attempt to open several vehicles, eventually setting off the alarm on one of the cars. While the teen fled the area, the off-duty officer followed him and called for on-duty personnel to respond to the scene. Officers arrived and took him into custody, retrieved video evidence, and charged him with felony attempted burglary of a motor vehicle.

DUI: Parson James found unresponsive after crashing vehicle into East Nashville dumpster

Just before 2 a.m. on Thursday, January 27th, Metro Police found 30-year-old Ashton Parson, better known by his stage name of ‘Parson James’, crashed into a dumpster behind the Checkers restaurant in East Nashville. He was initially unresponsive with the vehicle still in drive. Eventually, police were able to knock enough on the window to get him awake. He was reportedly extremely intoxicated and admitted to having a “couple of drinks” prior to driving.

On January 2nd, Parson took to social media to admit he struggled with addiction and declared himself an alcoholic. On January 18th he further posted that he was checking into a “mental health facility” to work on himself.

Whiskey Row: Man threatens bouncer, knees & headbutts MNPD officer in head, threatens to beat them more

26-year-old Matthew Waddell is free on an $11,000 bond after Metro Police say they picked him up after he caused a scene at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville and he then threatened multiple officers, and assaulting officer Kristopher Sutton two different times, once kneeing him in the head, then later headbutting him.

East Nashville woman punches and scratches ex-roommate

21-year-old Sarai Spiers was charged with domestic assault after attacking her former roommate while she was sitting on her porch that required an additional person to separate them.