Nashville courts can’t seem to stop Brian ‘Houston’ Clinch from assaulting women: A 3rd victim comes forward

23-year-old Brian “Houston” Clinch II was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Friday, yet again charged with the assault of a female in his life. Despite multiple arrests and convictions, he’s only been sentenced to probation, classes, and then a judge moved his probation to unsupervised. A 3rd victim has now come forward. Court records detail him slamming women to the ground, choking them, promising to do it again, and following through on that promise. He burned another with a cigarette as punishment, pushed one down the stairs, threw another around a parking garage, and even broke a child’s car seat to prevent the mother of his child from leaving with the baby. Oh, and when he was served with the latest order of protection, he sent that ex-girlfriend the “I apologize for nothing” meme, violating the order.

Rehab patient accused of stealing cash and comics from ex on night of release

31-year-old Kimberly Register was charged with theft of property when she reportedly stole over $1,300 and several vintage comic books from her ex-boyfriend’s residence after she got out of rehab.

ARRESTED: Nashville Man Calls 911 on Himself for DUI, Parks & Hides Keys so he “Can’t Be Arrested”

We previously reported on Skipper Crook, who states he is a real estate agent for Keller Williams in Nashville. More details have now come to light about what caused his second DUI arrest in just a few weeks. Around Noon yesterday, Crook parked in a hospital parking lot near West End. He reportedly drank a pint of Vodka and then called 911 and told the dispatcher he was “driving while very drunk” and they should send an ambulance to take him to Vanderbilt to check into rehab. When located by…