Jeremiah Mccurry caught in stolen Lexus GX 460 at Willow Pointe Apartment Complex

20-year-old Jeremiah Mccury was caught in a black Lexus GX 460 SUV at the Willow Pointe Apartment Complex on June 9th. When officers arrived, they observed Mccury sitting inside the Lexus at a dead-end near the complex. As law enforcement approached the vehicle, Mccury turned it on. An officer spoke with Mccury and obtained the tags, which indicated that the car was stolen. Mccurry was ordered out of the vehicle and taken into custody. During a search of Mccury, officers located a key fob in his right pocket. Jeremiah Mccury was taken into custody and charged with vehicle theft.

Keterrius Stegall punches girlfriend in face & steals car keys during argument

21-year-old Keterrius La John Stegall was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Rickora Walker, at a Buffalo Trails apartment residence on May 4th. Walker contacted the police about an incident that occurred between her and Stegall. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Walker, who stated she was on the phone with her sister when Stegall overheard her talking and got upset with what she was talking about. Walker told officers that Stegall wanted to grab their kid from her mom’s place, but she did not want him to go over there because he had a bad relationship with her brother.

The two got into an argument, and while they were arguing, Stegall punched Walker in the stomach and took her keys from her hoodie pocket. Walker told officers that after that, Stegall grabbed her phone, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it, causing damage. Stegall then went outside with the keys before Walker followed and got into the car as well. While in the vehicle arguing, Stegall punched her in the face, making her get out of the vehicle. He then proceeded to leave the scene with the vehicle.

Officers observed marks on Walker’s face as well as visible scratch marks around her neck. Officers also observed the damaged phone. Stegall violated the no-contact order that Walker had against him. Stegall also failed to appear in court twice after posting bond. A warrant was issued, and Stegall was taken into custody on June 10th for vandalism, theft, domestic assault, no contact order violation, and two counts of failing to appear.

Walter Eaton steals iPad out of golf cart at parking garage on 5th Avenue

40-year-old Walter Eaton stole an iPad at a parking garage near 5th Avenue North on June 1st. When officers arrived on the scene, they immediately noticed that Eaton had been sprayed with chemical spray as well as been shot by a taser by Michael Siriyutwatana, a security. Officers were informed by staff that there was a video of the incident, which showed Eaton with two other individuals peeing on the wall of the parking garage. After walking away from the wall, Eaton had walked by a golf cart that Michael Shelton, another security guard at the parking garage, drove. Shelton briefly stepped away from the golf cart, and Eaton then proceeded to take the iPad from the cart, securing it inside a white SUV parked in the parking garage.

Deirtrice Young, another security guard at the parking garage, had witnessed the theft on security cameras and went to speak with Eaton. Security footage then shows Eaton aggressively walking toward Young, and her pushing him away to create space. The footage shows Siriyutwatana arrive on the scene attempting to detain Eaton, but he was not complying. Siriyutwatana then proceeded to spray Eaton with a chemical spray until he was down enough to be handcuffed. The video then shows Eaton springing up from the ground and attempt to walk away from them. Siriyutwatana then placed himself in front of Eaton to prevent him from leaving. Eaton then proceeded to charge at Siriyutwatana aggressively before Siriyutwatana pulled out a Taser and used it on Eaton, causing him to fall to the ground. Eaten was then taken into custody by officers and was charged with two counts of assault and one count of theft.

18-year-old George White steals items from his mother, tries to sell them at pawnshop

18-year-old George White was caught stealing from his mother, Donna Butler, at their Cather Court residence on January 13th. Butler contacted law enforcement, stating that she noticed an Oculus VR Headset and a pressure washer were missing from the home. Butler went on to inform officers that White had a drug problem and was known to steal. Butler also told law enforcement that she went to Berry’s Pawnshop, and the owner told her he was very familiar with White. The owner told Butler that White sells items there all the time and had recently tried to sell a pressure washer. George White was taken into custody and charged with theft of property on May 17th.

Raquel Harden caught driving stolen Toyota Camry near Marathon Gas Station

31-year-old Raquel Harden was jailed on February 16th after police observed her driving a stolen Toyota Camry near the Marathon Gas Station on Trinity Lane. When officers ran the plates, they learned the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Memphis, TN, by Catherine Reese. Officers observed as the vehicle traveled to the apartments on Whites Creek Pike, where they conducted a takedown. Via a search using Harden’s TN ID, officers learned that Harden had an active felony warrant in Davidson County. Officers also learned Harden also did not have a valid driver’s license. Harden was taken into custody for theft of property, vehicle theft, and driving without a license on February 16th.

Tyeisha Harris indicted on theft of gift cards from Target

18-year-old Tyeisha Harris was indicted by the July Davidson County Grand Jury for property theft. Between January 11th and 25th, she knowingly stole gift cards from Target. The amount stolen is between $2,500 to $10,000. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $2,500.

Kenneth Reynolds Jr. jailed after Belle Meade traffic stop using LPR camera

35-year-old Kenneth Reynolds Jr. was jailed after police observed tags on a 2004 two-door Toyota Tundra that didn’t match, traveling on Harding Road near Davidson Road. They pulled over the vehicle at Belle Meade Plaza. The driver, Reynolds, and two other passengers were detained. Reynolds initially identified himself as Kevin Spencer, with a birth date of August 28, 1988. After running his information through dispatch, it came back as not on file. The officer asked again what his name was, and he gave the same information and told officers he didn’t know his social security number. When officers asked a third time, he gave the same information but made up a social security number that wasn’t identified through dispatch.

The tags on the Tundra came back stolen, and the occupants were placed in the patrol vehicle. During the vehicle search, officers located drug paraphernalia and narcotics in separate containers. One container contained a glass pipe, two straw pipes, and a scale. The narcotics were packaged in four small baggies totaling 10.4 grams of meth. Reynolds eventually identified himself and owned up to stealing the license plate and the vehicle. He also advised that the meth and paraphernalia belonged to him.

Jeremiah Hurt jailed after driving stolen car in Belle Meade

18-year-old Jeremiah Hurt was in a stolen 2001 Honda Accord at Harding Rd and Davidson Rd intersection, seen by Belle Mead Police Sgt. Cloxton and Officer Linane in the early hours of Monday morning. The estimated vehicle value, the officer reported, was $5,000. They stopped the vehicle close to Lynnwood Blvd off Harding Rd. They found Jeremiah in the driver’s seat and asked him to step out while they contacted dispatch. He told the officers that it was his mother’s Cangla Hurt car. Police confirmed that the vehicle was indeed stolen, so Jeremiah was detained, and police found the registration in the vehicle’s glove box. The vehicle was registered to Alers Graciano, and the passenger of the vehicle, Lamont Hurt, said that they “found it.”

Charles Brooks charged in thefts of liquor from stores he worked at

33-year-old Charles Brooks is accused by his manager of stealing several times from a company owned by Metro Wine and Spirits. On August 18th, police spoke to Brooks’ store manager, who informed them that Charles had been stealing from various liquor stores for several months. On August 1st, he took Hennessy bottles (valued at $107) and a Michelob Ultra (valued at $7), and then placed them into his backpack without paying. Also, on August 11th, Brooks is accused of completing several orders and pocketing the money (valued at $135.92) from Nashville Wine & Spirits. Beer, Cigars & Cigarettes.

The next day, on August 12th, Brooks pocketed cash from transactions while working at the Downtown Nashville Market (valued at $226) owned by TMM Inc. after taking several cash transactions. On August 13th, Charles stole approximately $200 of cash by pocketing it from his transactions, but from SoBro Wine & Spirits. Beer, Cigars, and Cigarettes. He also stole a pint-sized vodka bottle valued at $10 before he left without paying for it. Reportedly, there are several other incidents where he stole money and products where more warrants will be sworn out as the investigation produces more evidence. He was arrested on August 18th on a full extradition warrant from Illinois.

Deon Brown flees from police after burglarizing vehicles

18-year-old Deon Brown was witnessed burglarizing vehicles at Rivrhouse Apartments, and then he ran from police. Officers arrived at Riverhouse Apartments early Wednesday morning and after they spoke to Mr. Schnarrs on a call. Mr. Scnarrs said that he saw an african american male burgle vehicles at the complex and was currently inside a white Chevy Suburban. When the police arrived, they saw Deon in the Suburban, who matched Mr. Scharrs’s description. When they attempted to make contact with Deon, he ran from them down Middleton St. towards Nance Ave with two objects in his hands. Deon ditched the items at Academy Pl. and Hermitage Ave., and police pursued him until they caught him at Lindsley Ave.

Mr. Brooks, who owned the Suburban, said he was missing two machetes and a tobacco grinder from his vehicle, which totaled approximately $60. He also said that he did not know how Deon gained access to his vehicle due to no signs of forced entry. Mr. Schnarrs participated in a show-up where he positively identified Deon as the subject. Deon told police he took the machetes and ditched them, but his tobacco grinder was his. The grinder was found and given back to Mr. Brooks. Ring camera footage showed Deon getting into the Suburban while the alarm went off and taking items, but it was hard to identify the items due to the camera being so far away.