Kenneth Reynolds Jr. jailed after Belle Meade traffic stop using LPR camera

35-year-old Kenneth Reynolds Jr. was jailed after police observed tags on a 2004 two-door Toyota Tundra that didn’t match, traveling on Harding Road near Davidson Road. They pulled over the vehicle at Belle Meade Plaza. The driver, Reynolds, and two other passengers were detained. Reynolds initially identified himself as Kevin Spencer, with a birth date of August 28, 1988. After running his information through dispatch, it came back as not on file. The officer asked again what his name was, and he gave the same information and told officers he didn’t know his social security number. When officers asked a third time, he gave the same information but made up a social security number that wasn’t identified through dispatch.

The tags on the Tundra came back stolen, and the occupants were placed in the patrol vehicle. During the vehicle search, officers located drug paraphernalia and narcotics in separate containers. One container contained a glass pipe, two straw pipes, and a scale. The narcotics were packaged in four small baggies totaling 10.4 grams of meth. Reynolds eventually identified himself and owned up to stealing the license plate and the vehicle. He also advised that the meth and paraphernalia belonged to him.

Terrie Sheppard was “feeling the rain” because Bob Marley told her to do it

42-year-old Terrie Sheppard was jailed on April 8th after police found her walking in the middle of Broadway, high on crystal methamphetamine. When police asked her what she was doing, she told them she was “feeling the rain” because Bob Marley said to do so. She told police she wanted to walk in the road to feel the rain better and would continue to do so. Police detained her and found a baggie of meth in her pants pocket. She was charged with disorderly conduct.