Marine rips off shirt & threatens others in downtown Nashville — Jacob Thibodeau

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday responded to a fight call at the JW Marriott on 8th Ave S. and found 33-year-old Jacob Thibodeau, who they described as “very belligerent and verbally aggressive” to officers and staff. Thibodeau ripped off his shirt and yelled, “I am a Marine Corps Veteran!…” during the kerfuffle, followed by “he needs his f***** a** kicked!…” in response to a citizen whose vehicle was damaged in a separate incident at the same location. The staff also showed police a video of Thibodeau starting a fight with another individual prior to their arrival. He was warned to stop yelling, screaming, and making threats but was not hearing any of the suggestions and remained disorderly. Officers eventually arrested him and transported him to booking.

Tourist Jordan Jennings charged in assault of Rippy’s Bouncer in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Jordan Jennings is charged with assaulting security guard Phillip Young at Rippy’s Bar in downtown Nashville. The tourist was issued a citation for assault after being told he had to leave the location due to his behavior but eventually convincing staff to let him back inside to use the restroom. While he was in the restroom, bar staff was informing the rest of his party they also needed to leave the location. As Jennings came out of the restroom, he reportedly struck bouncer Phillip Young on his left shoulder, causing him to call a “code black” over the radio — alerting other bouncers to respond to the area. Young says Jordan swung at him as he was being escorted out once again, and after dodging the impact, he struck Jordan with a closed fist to Jordan’s right eyebrow, leaving a small laceration.

Guman Gezici booted from Honky Tonk Central after reportedly groping women

Security at Honky Tonk Central says they were notified that 32-year-old Guman Gezici had been groping women at the bar, and he was asked to leave the property. Once outside, he continued to attempt to re-enter the venue, and police became involved and asked him to leave the area. As he again attempted to go back inside Honky Tonk Central, he was taken into custody, at which time he pulled away and resisted arrest.

Man who strangled girlfriend twice in Whiskey Row is beaten by stranger until police arrive.

24-year-old Jalen Matthews is charged with the aggravated assault and strangulation of his girlfriend while in Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville. Police say an “anonymous male” who stated he was ‘intervening on the female’s behalf’ and Matthews were in a fight when they arrived. The other male was neither named nor prosecuted.