Man who strangled girlfriend twice in Whiskey Row is beaten by stranger until police arrive.

24-year-old Jalen Matthews is charged with the aggravated assault and strangulation of his girlfriend while in Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville. Police say an “anonymous male” who stated he was ‘intervening on the female’s behalf’ and Matthews were in a fight when they arrived. The other male was neither named nor prosecuted.

Ex-Rutgers Player Nadir Barnwell charged with Attempted Murder in Nashville

Nadir Malik Barnwell is currently being held in the Davidson County Jail on a $300,000 bond, charged with attempted criminal homicide. Detective say that just before 3 AM on Monday morning, security video of the Pedestrian Bridge downtown shows Nadir Barnwell, 22, pacing back and forth while the female victim is sitting down near him. According to detectives he appears to be agitated, and his shirt is off. Just after 02:51 AM he can be seen rushing toward the victim while she is sitting down. He picks her up from…