Ex-Rutgers Player Nadir Barnwell charged with Attempted Murder in Nashville

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Nadir Malik Barnwell is currently being held in the Davidson County Jail on a $300,000 bond, charged with attempted criminal homicide.

Detective say that just before 3 AM on Monday morning, security video of the Pedestrian Bridge downtown shows Nadir Barnwell, 22, pacing back and forth while the female victim is sitting down near him. According to detectives he appears to be agitated, and his shirt is off. Just after 02:51 AM he can be seen rushing toward the victim while she is sitting down. He picks her up from the ground and moves her to his right. He re-adjusts his grip and moves her to his right. He once again re-adjusts his grip on the victim and grabs her throat and shakes her head.

Barnwell then releases his grip and the female victim falls to the ground, and her head bounces off the ground as she lies there, as seen on the video. At this time, Barnwell is seen on video making a phone call (but not to police or medics for another 39 minutes) and walking around, he then tries to wake up the victim before picking her up and walking off camera at approximately 3:00 AM.

Nearly 40 minutes later, at 3:39 AM, a call was made to police dispatch by Nadir Barnwell asking for assistance. Domestic violence detectives were notified about the incident, and told that a female was brought in by medics from the pedestrian bridge area, along with a male subject (Barnwell) who had blood on him.

2017 Mugshot: Nadir Barnwell

Initially, Nadir Barnwell stated that the female victim was intoxicated and he was attempting to pick her up and she fell while he was carrying her. When later questioned by domestic violence detectives during a formal interview, Nadir Barnwell stated that he did not remember this incident.

Blood was found on the defendant, and at the crime scene, where it was processed by the crime scene officers. The victim was diagnosed with a skull fracture and significant bleeding from the brain. She had surgery on Monday to stop the bleeding from her brain, and she may possibly have a broken right arm, it was still being evaluated at the time of the report.  She appeared with her arm in a splint, with bruises on her neck, when observed by officers on Monday.

photo via @JaniBetancoirt

This is just the latest in a string of bad choices for this football player that was once on the road to a promising career. Growing up, he was Piscataway’s Quarterback for 3 years, and signed with Rutgers, where he was first arrested on a DUI charge and suspended, and later expelled from all sports for an assault charge, for which he violated his pre-trial conditions, and would eventually transfer to Tennessee Tech, where he played in the 2017-2018 season. The incident for which he was initially barred from football at Rutgers was caught on video, and by coincidence, that video was just made public on Monday via an unrelated media request.  Nadir (in the white shirt) can be assaulting and punching others in the video here.

Nadir Barnwell is being held on a $300,000 bond and will have his next court appearance on Wednesday, for bond review.

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